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Jiayu County: Key Government Work in 2019

Moderator: Hello everyone, welcome to follow the video interview on the portal of Xianning People's Government. I am the moderator Xia Mengqi. In this interview, the guest we invited to you is Comrade Li Zhen, member of the Standing Committee of the Jiayu County County Committee and executive deputy head of the county. He will talk to you about the key government work of Jiayu County in 2019. County Li, welcome!

County Li: Hello host! Everyone is friendly! I am very happy to come to the city government portal to communicate with you. Taking this opportunity, on behalf of the Jiayu County Party Committee and County Government, I sincerely thank all netizens for their long-term attention, care and support for the economic and social development of Jiayu. I also hope that everyone will continue to support Jiayu's reform and development.

Moderator: Secretary Ding Xiaoqiang has repeatedly emphasized that the development of Xianning, investment is still a driving horse, and the project is still "Dinghaishenzhen". How does Jiayu County make good use of the project “Master Hand” in 2019 to promote high-quality economic and social development with high-quality projects?

County Commissioner Li: Since the beginning of this year, under the strong leadership of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, our county has seriously implemented the spirit of General Secretary Jinping ’s inspection of Hubei ’s important speeches, and has closely focused on the regional and industrial development layout of the “123” and “133” municipal committees. Hold on to the project "Niu Nose", and make precise efforts and precise policies in the planning, striving, and advancing of the project, and give full play to the "ballast stone" and "top beam pillar" of major projects in promoting economic and social development. The first is to plan projects at the time of trial. Adhere to the project as the king and plan as the gold. Based on the investment in the central budget of 2020 and the construction of the "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" project library, preliminary planning for advanced manufacturing, modern service industry, major infrastructure, ecological environment, agricultural water conservancy, and social development is planned. There are 915 projects in major categories with a total investment of 586.1 billion yuan. The second is to spare no effort to project. The central and provincial budget funds of 450 million yuan were successfully won for projects such as the Three Lakes and Lianjiang River Ecological Restoration, the integration of riverside ecological restoration and shoreline protection, and the improvement of rural human settlements. The pilot project of the comprehensive improvement of the Guanqiao landscape, forests, fields, lakes, and grasslands won the Bank of China's 350 million yuan funding support. At present, the pilot project of comprehensive improvement of landscapes, forests, fields, lakes and grasses has been included in one of the four pilot projects of comprehensive improvement of land and soil in the province. After the completion of the project, it is estimated that the annual sales of agricultural products and tourism services will reach 800 million yuan, and 120 million in profits and taxes. RMB, driving 2,000 local laborers to find employment and start businesses. The third is to go all out to recruit projects. To compact the responsibility for investment promotion, the county's "four people" leaders set up 9 special investment promotion classes to break down the investment promotion task into 8 towns and 28 county departments. County "four people" leaders led teams to Fujian, Beijing, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other places to carry out more than 60 batches of investment promotion activities. Innovate the way of attracting investment and signed a framework agreement with the Provincial Changjiang Industry Investment Group; jointly build the Huagong Science and Technology Park Innovation Base with Huazhong University of Science and Technology Industry Group, introduce high-tech enterprises, and plan to fully host the County Economic Development Zone Venture Incubation Park in the future; with Hubei Hongtai Group Jointly build the Hongtai Industrial Park, and carry out asset operation and management businesses such as asset mergers and acquisitions, asset disposal and capital operations for enterprises in the county that have ceased production. Actively carry out secondary investment promotion activities to activate idle factory buildings, and introduce 9 high-quality industrial projects including Siling New Materials, Zhongyu Ecological Board, and Saiyu Drainage Pipe. So far, the county has successfully introduced 116 projects with a total investment of 14.6 billion yuan, of which 5 projects have exceeded 1 billion yuan. The third is to overcome difficult projects. Adhere to the "project-based heroes, project-based success or failure" orientation, implement major project roadmap management, one by one to implement the investment subject, responsible person, start and completion time, implement wall charts. Adhering to the one-item work method and the front-line work method, the party and government leaders have repeatedly conducted field investigations on the front lines of Jin Shenglan's "1 + 5", Golden Ages Ecological Health Valley, Jiacheng Auto Parts, and Huaxia Happiness, and the construction of front-line service projects. The leaders of the “Four Majors” all lead the construction of 1-3 key projects. More than 85% of 97 key projects such as Huaxia Happiness, Tianye Country Park, Jiacheng Auto Parts, and Golden Age Health Valley are progressing according to the schedule. The Jiayu Yangtze River Bridge was officially opened to traffic, and the main projects such as the teaching building and comprehensive building of the Shouyi College were basically completed. We continued to focus on the start-up activities of major projects, focusing on 60 newly-started projects throughout the year, with a total investment of 20.26 billion yuan. Kangkai Ecological Agriculture, Langmai New Materials and other projects have been completed and put into production.

Moderator: In 2018, the comprehensive evaluation of Jiayu County's regional economy advanced 2 places, ranking 13th in the second-class counties and cities, achieving three consecutive years of progress, of which the private economy contributed. What measures did Jiayu County take to further promote the development of the private economy in 2019?

County Commissioner Li: Since this year, our county has adhered to the problem-oriented approach, focusing on the combination of policy implementation, financing support, and environmental optimization, effectively solving the development problems of private enterprises, and promoting the healthy and rapid development of the private economy. The first is to strengthen policy implementation. Comprehensively review the policies of various enterprises benefiting from the central, provincial, city, and county levels, and implement a checklist work method consisting of a list of key tasks and work supervision orders to ensure that the policies are implemented. As of October, a total of 138.67 million yuan in corporate taxes and fees have been reduced, involving 30,727 households (times). Among them, Jinshenglan Group, the largest private enterprise in our county, has reduced taxes and fees by 60.17 million yuan, accounting for nearly 50 %. The second is to strengthen financial support. Organized three companies, including ZTE Extension, Hanma Technology, and Yingde Gas, to apply for the first batch of special funds for the upgrading and upgrading of traditional provincial industries in Xianning in 2019. This year, 97 technical transformation projects have been implemented, and investment in technological transformation has been 6.56 billion yuan. In-depth implementation of the "technical innovation project for trillions of enterprises" has awarded 3.936 million yuan to 14 technological upgrading projects of Han Ma Technology and other enterprises. Actively establish a bank-enterprise docking platform, and encourage financial institutions to increase the proportion of long-term loans to private enterprises. Accelerate the construction of the government financing guarantee system, invest 10 million yuan to set up special funds for risk compensation for government financing guarantee business, successfully obtain the cooperation access of the provincial re-guarantee group, and complete 5 re-guarantee businesses with a total amount of 24.9 million yuan. Actively leverage the role of financial funds, arrange 30 million yuan from the industrial fund, and cooperate with banks to provide 70 million yuan, a total of 100 million yuan, which is specifically used for corporate loan repayment and renewal loan bridge business, which relieves bridge pressure for enterprises. Since this year, 45 bridge funds have been issued, amounting to RMB 232 million. The third is to strengthen environmental protection. Deepen the reform of decentralized management services, comprehensively implement "one window service, integrated services", promote the interconnection of online service systems, connect 217 e-government extranets, and achieve 36 county-level business departments, 8 towns, and 103 villages ( Communities) and county and township government service centers are fully connected and fully covered, and 80.6% of things that can be done on the Internet are reduced. The processing time for new start-ups is reduced to less than 3 working days, and industrial construction projects can obtain construction permits within 50 working days. Real estate enterprises' real estate registration will be completed within 3 working days. Support enterprises to grow bigger and stronger, and organize 4 companies, including Steady Medical, Lianchuang Food, Yuantuo Aluminum Alloy, and Hemp Technology, to apply for the third batch of invisible champions in the pillar industries in Hubei Province. Three companies including Jinshenglan Metallurgy, Jialinjie Textile, and Xinlian University Biology were successfully recommended as the second batch of invisible champion demonstration enterprises in the pillar industries in Xianning. Organize Jialinjie Textile to apply for the Hubei Province Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration Project in 2019. Organized more than 20 key enterprises to participate in the assessment and diagnosis of the integration of the two industries in Hubei Province and conduct a benchmarking survey, and recommended Hechang New Materials to declare a demonstration enterprise of informatization and industrialization in Hubei Province. Organize Jialinjie to carry out the application and evaluation of establishing a modern enterprise system demonstration enterprise.

Moderator: 2019 is the key year to successfully win the three major battles. How does Jiayu County handle this work well?

Li County Chief: The three major battles are the battle to determine the success of building a well-off society in an all-round way, and also the battle to lay a solid foundation for high-quality development. Our county conscientiously implements the decision-making and deployment of the central government, provinces, and cities, and formulates and issues the Implementation Opinions of the CPC Jiayu County Party Committee on Combating the Three Major Battles of the Key Challenges, focusing on the key points, shortcomings, and weak points, making precise efforts, and targeting the problem. The first is to guard against the bottom line of resolving major risks. Comprehensively carry out investigation and rectification of major risks in various fields, establish 56 risk lists in the social field, and strictly implement sales management. The resolution of non-performing loan risks was accelerated, and the non-performing loan ratio of banks and financial institutions decreased by 0.21%. Actively carry out the "Year of Standardized Management of Religious Sites" activities, severely rectify chaos in the religious field, clean up 42 religious sites, and transform 30 clan ancestral halls; solidly carry out special campaigns to combat gangsters and eliminate evil, and have eliminated 2 gangster-related organizations and gangsters There were 2 criminal groups, 27 gangs involved in evil, and 69 criminal cases involving criminal activities involving black criminals. In-depth implementation of the special action of "clean drug field", successfully cracked 4 major drug abuse cases such as the "7.24" series of inter-provincial drug cases; solidly completed the work of letter and visit to maintain stability, and achieved zero petitions and zero visits during major sensitive periods such as Daqing and military transport . Make overall plans for work safety, comprehensive social management, and anti-cult work. No major safety accidents have occurred for many years, and the overall social situation of the county is harmonious and stable. The second is to consolidate and improve the results of the battle against poverty. Based on the county's overall poverty alleviation, adhere to the "two worry-free and three guarantees" poverty alleviation standards, actively carry out "look back" on poverty alleviation and feedback rectification work, continue to implement "six batches" of assistance measures, and highlight industrial poverty alleviation. Focusing on "projects with characteristic industries in the villages and income-increasing projects for households", the development of rich industries was promoted through financial awards and new business entities to ensure that poverty is not returned to the poor. The poverty rate throughout the county dropped to 0.003%, and the collective economic income of 12 poor villages steadily exceeded 50,000 yuan. The third is to fight well to fight against pollution. Deeply promote the "Great Yangtze River Protection", complete the coastal afforestation and forestry precision-lifted area of 102,200 mu, and related work experience exchanges across the province; deepen cooperation with CECEP, strive for project funds of 350 million yuan, implement riverside ecological restoration and shoreline protection The integration project is scheduled to start at the end of the year. The environmental protection inspectors of the Golden Age, Pan Yanqidu temporary down-river passage and other environmental protection inspectors and the provincial and municipal environmental protection inspectors' feedback were rectified. Fight against the blue sky, clear water, and clean soil, and actively carry out special operations such as dust control and straw burning prevention. The county's air quality rate increased by 8.9% year-on-year, and the water quality compliance rate of surface water sections above the city control level increased by 28.5% compared with the previous year. Sewage treatment plant and 7 township sewage treatment plants were completed and put into operation, the Sanhu Lianjiang ecological pollution interception project was completed and the river was successfully flooded; 137 monitoring points for soil heavy metal pollution were set up, and the coverage rate of soil testing and fertilization technology reached more than 90% The ecological environment of the county has been significantly optimized.

Moderator: The construction of the ecological civilization demonstration zone along the river is a vivid practice of Xi Jinping's ecological civilization rooting in Xianning, involving 6 townships including Luxi, Gaotieling, Yuyue, Xinjie, Panjiawan and Weizhouwan in Jiayu County. 27 villages, how does Jiayu County plan to promote the construction of demonstration belts?

County Li: Our county insists on the construction of the ecological civilization demonstration belt along the river as a political task to implement the ecological civilization thoughts of General Secretary Jinping. As a basic project to promote the high-quality development of Jiayu, the county chief was established for the first time. The leading group for the construction of an ecological civilization demonstration belt along the river has formulated and issued a three-year action plan and annual work points for the construction of an ecological civilization demonstration county along the river in Jiayu County, and coordinated the "three articles" of ecological restoration, environmental protection, and green development. Strive to build the demonstration belt into a demonstration belt for industrial transformation and a leading area for green development. The first is to focus on smart development and build sophisticated towns. Establish the concept of "smart growth" and "compact city", scientifically delimit the boundaries of urban development, and promote the transformation of urban development from an extensional expansion to a connotation promotion. Taking the industry as a hard support, the Songjing Cultural Tourism Town with an investment of 6 billion yuan officially signed a contract, successfully introduced Huazhong University of Science and Technology Industrial Group to host and operate the County Economic Development Zone Venture Incubation Park, introduced Hongtai Group to build a high-tech industrial park, and built a car based on Huaxia Happiness A concentration of high-end equipment manufacturing, such as spare parts, promotes the transformation and development of the industry. Taking infrastructure construction as the lifeline, investing 117 million yuan to implement urban drainage and waterlogging reconstruction projects, constructing Muliao Ridge, Yinjiapo and other parking lots, promoting the construction of new energy buses, constructing new energy bus terminals, and carrying out 88 buses throughout the county Replacement, the implementation of recreational landscape projects such as the Three Lakes, the Lake and the Lake, and the Niutou Mountain Forest Park were accelerated. The second is to focus on integrated development and build beautiful villages. Adhere to urban-rural integration and make every effort to promote the integrated development of one, two and three industries. Relying on the foundation of the development of the vegetable industry, vigorously develop tourism agriculture, and form a new agricultural and vegetable science and technology park in Panjiawan Town, Lvye Union, Changxing Fruit and Vegetable Specialty, Fude Vegetable Professional Cooperative, Guanqiao Village 8 Group, Yinshan Village The rural tourism project represented by Dahe Facility Agricultural Park attracts more than 30,000 tourists per year and earns nearly 30 million yuan. Invest 300 million yuan to implement the basic project of rural revitalization, and develop nodes in key villages for industrial revitalization. Promoted the toilet revolution in an orderly manner, completed the renovation of 13,728 rural household toilets and 70 public toilets, and successfully created one national ecological cultural village, four provincial forest towns, and 28 provincial green demonstration villages. In conjunction with the improvement of the human settlement environment, a hundred-day tackling operation was carried out. A total of 56,000 tons of garbage were cleaned up, 156,000 square meters of dilapidated buildings were demolished, 123,000 square meters of facades were rebuilt, and 385,000 trees were planted. Create green corridors, strengthen the main roads such as the Wuchi Line, Xianpan Line, Red Card Line, and Expressway Exits in accordance with the three-row dense planting standard, and build 123 kilometers of "Four Good Rural Roads" and 100 kilometers of "Beautiful Rural Roads". Life protection 1142 km. The third is to focus on safe development and build a green shoreline. Always regard safety as the top priority for development, and firmly adhere to the bottom line of environmental protection and safety. The central environmental inspector "looked back" and the provincial and municipal environmental inspectors' feedback on 36 issues were implemented and reformed, and the golden years of environmental protection and Pan Yanqidu's temporary lower river passage were rectified. Strictly implement the "three lines and one order", strictly observe the ecological protection red line, initiated the "one district, two parks" compilation, implemented "closed reform and relocation" for high-polluting enterprises, and shut down 5 chemical companies such as Luhuan Chemical and Hechang Chemical The company implemented the relocation of four chemical companies, including Hubei Jiacai New Materials, Hubei Zhongzhitian, and Hubei Taifu Asphalt, to ensure reasonable and compliant development. We will continue to focus on the afforestation and greening along the Yangtze River. Based on the completion of more than 200,000 acres of afforestation along the Yangtze River, we will vigorously implement the afforestation and greening and forest quality improvement projects along the Yangtze River. Up to now, 37,700 acres of artificial new afforestation along the Yangtze River have been completed. 92.1%; completed an accurate improvement of 64,500 mu of forest quality, accounting for 101.8% of the plan, and basically achieved the "three-year plan to complete in two years". Fully consolidate the results of the rehabilitation of illegal docks and non-coal mines, and invest more than 10 million yuan to rehabilitate non-coal mines, illegal wharves, illegal gravel yards, and beaches. The area of regreening is nearly 3,000 acres. 4 kilometers, nearly 1,000 acres of tidal flat. Focusing on six major lakes, including Xiaohu Lake, Baihu Lake, Meilou Lake, and Dayan Lake, measures have been taken to promote the protection of wetlands along the river through ecological dredging, vegetation restoration, and proliferation and release.

Moderator: From the explanation given by the county magistrate, I believe that everyone has a deeper understanding of the economic and social development of Jiayu County in 2019. We believe that Jiayu's development will definitely get better and better! Thank you county magistrate for your video interview, thank you!

County Li: Thank you, the host, and thank you all for your friends. Jiayu County's "building a strong economic county in Hubei and building a new ecological city near the port" cannot be separated from your concern and support. Finally, I sincerely wish the netizens good health, happy family and good luck! I wish Xianning Municipal Government's portal website gets better and better! thank you all!

Moderator: Today ’s interview ends here. Thank you for your support and watching. See you next time!

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