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  • How much does Hubei's "Government Work Report" know? Let's interview the drafters

  • Photo: Three Lakes Lianjiang Reservoir starts comprehensive improvement project

    On January 7th, the small lake of the Jiayu Sanhu Lianjiang Reservoir was catching fish, and the drainage dropped to the construction water level, marking the ecological improvement of the riverside in Jiayu County ...

  • Photo: New Year's Greetings

    On January 7, Laochen Restaurant, Xinjie Town, Jiayu County, the terrace and courtyard of Chen Lifang's house were covered with bacon, bacon, local chicken, local duck and other bacon ...

  • Photo: Winter Harvest

    On January 9th, vegetable farmers in Maozhounao Village, Xinjie Town, Jiayu County were harvesting Chinese cabbage in the field, and there were many rows from the Yangtze River embankment from Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang ...

  • Photo: Starlight Yulong Machinery is booming

    A few days ago, the author saw in the assembly workshop of the second-phase factory of Xingguang Yulong Machinery that the workers and masters are overhauling and maintaining processing machinery ...