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Xianning Natural Resources and Planning Bureau conducts concentrated interviews on illegal land use

日期:2019-12-26 Source: Xiangcheng Metropolis Date: 2019-12-26 Font size: large, medium and small

This website (Xiangcheng Metropolis Daily reporter Chen Jing correspondent Li Hao) "Cultivated land is the lifeblood of grain production, and protecting cultivated land is protecting our lifeline." The problem of illegal land use in Chongyang, Xian'an and Tongcheng is serious, December 24 On the day, the Municipal Natural Resources and Planning Bureau conducted warning interviews with the principals of the three county and district bureaus of the system.

The meeting briefed on land violations in Chongyang County, Xian'an District and Tongcheng County. According to the law enforcement map data for 2019 satellite films, the situation of illegal land use in Chongyang County, Xian'an District and Tongcheng County is severe. Among them, Chongyang County involved 16 illegal maps and 16 illegal projects, Xian'an District involved 13 illegal maps and 3 illegal projects, and Tongcheng County involved 12 illegal maps and 12 illegal projects, with a larger area. The situation is grim.

The meeting conveyed the spirit of the relevant meeting on December 20, when the National Bureau of Natural Resources Inspector Wuhan Bureau collectively talked about land violations and violations of the rules and regulations, and asked all localities to seriously study and implement Xi Jinping ’s thoughts on ecological civilization and General Secretary Xi Jinping ’s important expositions on cultivated land protection, and further improve their ideological understanding. ; We must deeply reflect and analyze and fully understand the seriousness of the problem; we must implement the "two maintenances" and unswervingly rectify the problem; we must learn from the lessons, establish rules and regulations, and build a new pattern of natural resource management to help the economy and society High-quality development.

The meeting emphasized that cherishing and rationally using land and effectively protecting cultivated land are the basic national policies of our country. We must achieve the "four ones", that is, we must have a correct attitude, resolve a ideological misunderstanding, and shoulder a high level of political responsibility and mission. Realize the main responsibility of rectification, be responsible for the protection of the soil, and follow the measures of “strict prevention at source, strict control of process, and severe punishment for consequences”; we must have a correct judgment, strictly observe the red line for protection of cultivated land, adhere to the bottom line of agricultural land, accurately study and judge the situation, and strive to resolve illegal land use. Elimination of stocks, careful investigation of the problem of lax law enforcement, and resolute suppression of new illegal numbers; in order to have a correct concept, we must develop in protection and develop in accordance with law and regulations with high quality. We must be good at communication and docking, speed up the rectification of problems, and promptly organize the application for approval for land-use projects that meet the requirements for approval; for those that do not meet the requirements, we must immediately order the construction to be stopped, and recultivation and greening should be in place; we must have a correct plan, according to law Act as a good staff member, quickly report to the main responsible comrades of the local party committee and government, and strengthen daily supervision of land use, especially when rectifying illegal land use problems. Effective, smooth communication and joint action to prevent such problems.

The principals of the three county-level natural resources and planning bureaus spoke in separate speeches, expressing the need to learn from lessons, comprehensively strengthen land management, eliminate land violations in a timely manner, and take strong measures to rectify within the time limit and further implement the protection of cultivated land Responsibility, standardize the behavior of land use, resolutely implement the strictest cultivated land protection system and the strictest land conservation system, and effectively maintain natural resources and planning and management order.

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