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Xianning's first trademark window officially operates 24 services

日期:2019-12-26 Source: Xiangcheng Metropolis Date: 2019-12-26 Font size: large, medium and small

This website (correspondent Wang Teng) was approved by the Trademark Office of the State Intellectual Property Office. On December 20, the Xianning trademark acceptance window officially opened.

It is understood that the Xianning trademark acceptance window is located in the lobby of the first floor of the Municipal Administrative Service Center and the Market Supervision Administration (Intellectual Property Office). It is mainly responsible for receiving trademark business applications from natural persons, legal persons and other organizations within the scope of Xianning, and conducting formal examination of documents. Provide trademark consultation for market entities throughout the city, accept 24 trademark registration, transfer, renewal, cancellation and other services, achieve full coverage of trademark affairs services, and provide enterprises with more high-quality, efficient and convenient services.

While expanding business, the trademark window will implement the national fee standard, the registration fee for accepting trademark renewal will be reduced from the previous 1,000 yuan to 450 yuan, and the fee for accepting trademark change fees will be reduced from 250 yuan to 150 yuan. At the same time, in order to further promote the online application for trademark registration, the fees for submitting online applications and accepting electronic filing have also been adjusted. Among them, the trademark change business that submits an online application and accepts electronic publication will be exempt from the change fee, and other business will be charged at 90% of the current standard. At the same time, the paper application is converted to the online application, and the online application system is fully adopted to provide applicants with a "one web, one door, one-stop" service, and serve the "last mile" of the masses.

It is reported that this window will provide market participants with "one-on-one" and "face-to-face" consulting services, which will help further improve the efficiency of government affairs, broaden the channel for trademark registration services, shorten the time for trademark registration, and reduce the operating costs of various market entities. , To further help the development of small and medium-sized private enterprises in our city, adding strong momentum to market prosperity.

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