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60 people from Xianning agricultural product quality and safety training class started training

日期:2019-12-27 Source: Xiangcheng Metropolis Date: 2019-12-27 Font size: large, medium and small

This website (Xiangcheng Metropolis Daily reporter Chen Zhiru Correspondent Zhu Congwen Liu Quanshui) Recently, the 2019 Xianning Farmer Education and Training "Agricultural Product Quality and Safety" training course organized by Xianning Agriculture and Rural Bureau and undertaken by Hubei New Industry Technician College started as scheduled. 60 large-scale agricultural breeders from all over the city, leaders of leading agricultural enterprises and 60 quality and safety supervisors of agricultural products at all levels of villages and towns participated in the training.

At the training meeting, relevant officials of the Municipal Agriculture and Rural Bureau hoped that all trainees will effectively enhance safety and supervision awareness in agricultural production and operation, vigorously develop brand agriculture, comprehensively popularize agricultural standard production technology, and provide “source” safety and standard agricultural development for agricultural products. Provide reliable protection.

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