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The training for the qualification certification of cadres in Xianning City was successfully completed. 81 participants

日期:2019-12-30 Source: Xianning Daily Date: 2019-12-30 Font size: large, medium and small

This website reported Xianning Daily's full media reporter Jiang Mingzhu and correspondent Wu Zhongyong reported: On the 27th, the city's specialized military cadre qualification certification training was successfully completed. The Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and the commander of the Xianning Army Division Lai Chengtan attended the summary meeting and gave a speech.

The training of specialized military cadres is an actual measure for the military and the field to jointly carry out the qualification certification of specialized military cadres. The training focused on basic skills such as queue training, light-arm live-fire shooting, and military service work. It completed the organization of command and training in forest fire fighting, flood fighting, emergency organization and implementation, and discussed the restrictions on the construction of the basic armed forces. The most difficult issues. In accordance with the requirements of “Living Company Life and Being an Ordinary Soldier”, the training strengthened the awareness of law and discipline, discipline, servicemanship, and responsibility of specialized military cadres, and laid a solid organizational foundation for accomplishing diverse military tasks. The training lasted for 12 days. 81 specialized military cadres from 6 counties (cities, districts) of the city participated, and 11 specialized military cadres were commended.

Lai Chengtan pointed out that trainees must turn learning results into responsibility, continuously enhance the sense of mission and responsibility of grasping grass-roots armed work, and promote the steady development of the national defense mobilization cause; they must turn learning results into working abilities and fully promote the effectiveness of armed work. Implementation, high-standard completion of the new year's work tasks; the learning results should be transformed into work aging, practically improve the quality and efficiency of work, and strive to create a new situation in the city's national defense and reserve forces construction.

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