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Chongyang e-commerce helps traditional enterprise Xiaomahua net sales exceed 10 million

日期:2019-12-28 Source: Xianning Daily Date: 2019-12-28 Font size: large, medium and small

This website reported Xianning Daily's full-media reporter Ma Liya and special reporter Hu Xianghui reported: "Since September last year, we have set up a professional e-commerce team to sell on three platforms: Ali, Pinduoduo, and Jingdong. Million. "On the 18th, Wang Wanghu, head of the administrative department of Chongyang County Zhongwang Technology Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., told reporters.

Zhongwangke Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise integrating food research, development, food production, and sales. It combines traditional cuisine with modern industrial creativity and independently develops and masters the unique formula of twist production. Has a self-designed and patented small twist full-automatic professional production line.

"In the past 23 years, the products have been in short supply for many years and sold well in domestic and foreign markets." Wang Wanghu said that at present, Zhongwang Xiaotuhua has continued to sell well in major domestic supermarkets and international stores, and has been exported to the United States, Japan, Canada, and Australia for many years , Southeast Asia market, widely praised by foreign businessmen and consumers.

"With the development of society, online shopping has become a trend. In order to win this business opportunity, we have decided to 'touch the net'." Wang Wanghu said that in 2016, the company began to sell freely on Taobao, with an average of less than 100 orders per day and annual sales. Less than 600,000 yuan.

How to promote traditional enterprises to do e-commerce well? Chongyang County Party Committee and County Government attach great importance. Starting from 2017, the county strives for 5 million yuan in special funds for e-commerce development each year, focusing on supporting the construction and operation of e-commerce publicity, training, logistics and distribution, county operation centers, and town and village service outlets. The “National Retail Training Camp” poverty-stricken e-commerce poverty alleviation leader training program implemented by the Chengdu Foundation has trained e-commerce through the talent training mode of “centralized offline training + free online courses + long-term incubation + precise resource links”. Leader in poverty reduction.

"After the initial exploration and subsequent training, the nine personnel of our company's e-commerce team can be described as 'lightly familiar' in operations, art, design, customer service, etc., and the online transaction volume has skyrocketed. We have also cooperated with postal express and daily express Wait for the contract to be signed to ensure the timely delivery of the package. "Wang Wanghu told reporters that the company's online sales products, the small one is only 13 yuan, the large one is more than 60 yuan, this year's" Double Eleven "day, the daily sales of more than 9,000 orders. Since November, the average daily turnover is 40,000 to 50,000 yuan, and online sales are expected to exceed 15 million yuan next year.

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