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A group of "local planners" in Chongyang actively participate in the construction of beautiful villages and bays

日期:2019-12-30 Source: Xianning Daily Date: 2019-12-30 Font size: large, medium and small

This website reported Xianning Daily's full media reporter Ma Liya, correspondents Wang Xinhua and Rao Haitao: "Pushing the door open is the ancient charm scenic spot, this sense of happiness cannot be described in words!" On the 27th, Shangxia Village, Gangkou Township, Chongyang County In the housing market, the villager Jin Jinsong was impressed by the changes in the village.

Shangxiewuchang has 42 residents and a population of 160. It is named after Xie mostly. In September this year, the village intends to start the construction of a beautiful village in Shangxiefang. However, due to insufficient funds, how to spend a small amount of money to accomplish a major event has become a difficult problem for cadres at the two levels in the countryside.

"Having lived here for decades, what kind of trees, flowers and plants are suitable for planting, roads are easy to repair, water canals can only follow the trend, and what materials can be obtained locally, etc. We ourselves are better than urban planning experts. "" If you ask someone to plan, the cost will be at least 50,000 to 100,000 yuan. We do n’t have the money, and we ca n’t bear to spend it. "... When village village night talks were held to listen to the opinions of the people, the villagers proposed Build your own village.

As a result, the township formed a "hometown planner" mainly consisting of party members and cadres in the village. They organized and discussed the village bay dressing schemes and mobilized villagers to participate in the design and construction schemes of the front and rear of their own houses, which gave birth to local characteristics. Local flavor planning.

"Don't be tall, don't build much civil engineering, just demolish the short and dilapidated, and retain the original features of the villages and bays." In accordance with this principle, they adopted yellow mud "Sanhe soil" paste walls for old tile houses, and whitened the beautification plan of the new bungalows. To maximize the retention of rural memories; plan to plant different characteristic industries such as soft-seed pomegranates, Chinese medicinal materials, and rapeseed in 200 acres of farmland surrounding the area, laying the foundation for the future development of guesthouses and leisure agriculture; plan the environment of each vegetable field and each ditch Remediation content.

At the same time, adhere to the priority of ecology, follow the situation on the mountain, obtain materials from the locality, and simply promote the construction of villages and bays because of the poor. Trees moved from the mountain, and gravel was carried from the river.

Many villagers also volunteer to work and participate in ditch remediation, debris removal, tree planting and greening, and household hygiene. Three of them even voluntarily transferred nearly 1,000 square meters of self-reserved land for building node landscapes and public welfare construction. According to statistics, in the past three months, the masses have put in more than 500 employees and saved nearly 50,000 yuan.

Subsequently, the township party committee and government rehabilitated the old public house in Shangxiecun Bay with the theme of "cultivation and heirship, loyalty, filial piety, and loyalty," and presented a plaque with the theme of "cultivation and heirship" hanging on the eaves. A large number of illustrated wall paintings show farming culture, and the cultural atmosphere has become very rich ...

There was no major investment, no major demolition and construction, and no unique landscape point. In just 3 months, great changes have taken place in Shangxie House. A natural, fresh and clean feeling came to the face, full of farmland flavor.

"The total investment in the construction of the beautiful villages and bays in Shangxiewuchang does not exceed 500,000 yuan, which is at least a million yuan in the eyes of outsiders. This mode of self-planning, participation and construction has achieved good results and saved The construction cost has been increased. "Zhang Zhaohui, the secretary of the township party committee, lamented that the villages and villages had changed their appearance, and the people had worked hard and sweated. Naturally, they cherished it. The sense of accomplishment and gain was also stronger.

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