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Top 100 counties in the central region released Chibi City ranked 36th

日期:2019-12-30 Source: Xiangcheng Metropolis Daily Date: 2019-12-30 Font size: large, medium and small

This website (Xiangcheng Metropolis Daily reporter Zhou Yang) Recently, the CCID Consulting County Economic Research Center under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's China Electronics and Information Industry Development Research Institute released the "Top 100 County Economy in the Central Region", and Chibi ranked No. 36 bits. It is reported that this is the second consecutive year that Chibi has been on the list. It is the only county and district in Xianning City, which is 4 places higher than last year.

The list of top 100 county-level economies in the central region includes 482 county-level administrative divisions (including 92) in the six central provinces (Shanxi, Henan, Anhui, Hubei, Hunan, and Jiangxi Provinces) County-level cities, 381 counties, 9 autonomous counties) as evaluation targets, establish three first-level indicators of economic strength, growth potential, and affluence, as well as regional GDP, average fixed asset investment in the past three years, and urban and rural residents per capita The evaluation system of 15 secondary indicators, such as income control, comprehensively evaluated the top 100 county economies in the central region.

It is reported that CCID Consulting Co., Ltd. is the first listed consulting company in China, and has been committed to regional development and emerging industry research for many years. County Economic Research Center is a consulting service department of CCID Consulting focusing on county economic research, and is one of the most authoritative county economic research institutions in China.

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