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One town, one industry, one village, one product Jiayu County builds a 10 billion vegetable industry cluster

日期:2019-12-31 Source: Xianning Daily Date: 2019-12-31 Font size: large, medium and small

All news reporters Tan Changqiang, correspondent Long Yu and Ma Chen of Xianning Daily reported: Recently, Jiayu County formulated and issued the "Opinions on Promoting the High-quality Development of Vegetable Industry in Jiayu County" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions") to accelerate the promotion From "Vegetable County" to "Vegetable County", and strive to reach 2022, vegetable planting area of 700,000 mu, a total output of 3 million tons, vegetable production and processing total output value of more than 10 billion yuan, vegetables "three products and one standard" certification The number of products reached 200 and the output of green certification was 1.5 million tons.

Near the New Year's Day Spring Festival, the wild cormorant base in Jiayu Luxi Town was busy. In the roar of diesel compressors, fresh wild cormorants with slender and straight shapes and good quality constantly appeared in front of people.

Luxi Town, a large aquatic vegetable town famous for its coriander products, is about to usher in a new round of development opportunities relying on good natural conditions and a long history of planting. The "Opinions" clearly stated that: Luxi Town will build a 5000 acres of aquatic vegetable science and technology promotion park to create a "lily lotus town".

"Liancheng Town" is just one corner of the Jiayu Vegetable Industry Layout.

It is understood that Jiayu will focus on creating high-quality vegetables and form a "one town, one industry, one village, one product" pattern. Relying on the open-field vegetables in Panjiawan Town and Weizhouwan Town, build a 5000-acre "Jiayu Yangtze River Valley Open-Field Vegetable High-standard Science and Technology Promotion Park"; relying on the fruit and vegetable resources of Xinjie Town, build a 3000-acre "fruit and vegetable town" to promote agricultural cultural tourism Integrating; relying on the advantages of Xianglian planting in Dupu Town, constructing a 5000-mu lotus-watching center with Axe Lake as the center, Xianglian picking the “Mengli Water Village” leisure sightseeing park; relying on the fine vegetables in the suburbs of Yuyue Town, constructing a 2000-acre characteristic “vegetable basket” base.

In Maanshan Village, Xinjie Town, the director of Jiayu Fude Vegetable Professional Cooperative, Wang Guoxiong, told reporters that in September this year, the cooperative became one of the province's only 384 agricultural production bases supplying Hong Kong and Macau and successfully entered the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. "Vegetable basket" platform.

Wang Guoxiong introduced that the cooperative adopts a "six unified management" model that provides unified seed supply, unified fertilization, unified pest control, unified trademark, unified packaging, and unified sales to form a standardized production. The Jiayu vegetables have moved out of Hubei and into the Greater Bay Area. Played a key role.

With the release of the "Opinions", more and more cooperatives have embarked on standardization and branding. Jiayu will accelerate the cultivation and introduction of new agricultural business entities, accelerate the promotion of new vegetable varieties at a rate of more than 10 new varieties per year, accelerate the adjustment of vegetable planting structure, and realize the transformation and development of vegetable production and improve quality and efficiency. At the same time, the implementation of standardized production to achieve a standardized coverage rate of 95% green vegetables, vegetable product quality and safety inspection pass rate of more than 99%, in order to start the "Jiayu Vegetables" regional public brand, and realize the transformation from selling products to selling brands.

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