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Practical, convenient and efficient Xian'an expands the road of agricultural product production and marketing

日期:2019-12-30 Source: Xiangcheng Metropolis Daily Date: 2019-12-30 Font size: large, medium and small

This website (Xiangcheng Metropolis Daily reporter Ge Jianwei correspondent Du Chunbao) On December 26, the reporter learned from the government of Xian'an District that since 2019, the district has been doing a good job in supporting the agricultural products industry, expanding a practical and convenient way for the agricultural products in the region. And efficient production and marketing.

It is reported that in expanding the production and marketing of agricultural products, the area first integrated the osmanthus seedling industry to create the "Xianning Osmanthus Osmanthus" brand, actively connected with the Xianning Osmanthus Research Institute, and strongly supported the research and development of Osmanthus skin care products, freeze-dried osmanthus, and osmanthus sachets. Packaging, operation and sales; actively coordinate osmanthus cakes, osmanthus cakes, osmanthus tea and other osmanthus food companies to build new production lines in accordance with different populations and different needs, improve and optimize existing varieties, and adapt to new market demands to create new osmanthus brands.

At the same time, strengthen the "e-commerce" assistance for the lotus seed industry, connect with the "Xian'an Agricultural Special Products Exhibition Hall" on the online sales of the lotus seed products in the whole region, and contact and coordinate various types of lotus seed products to enter the Hangzhou Nongbo Garden offline physical store. Combining online and offline methods to strengthen and expand the lotus seed industry, starting from expanding the industrial scale, transforming product packaging methods, reducing logistics and transportation time and transportation costs, are currently promoting chicken soup canning processing production lines at three chicken soup enterprises in Heshengqiao Town, and have now entered the equipment. During the commissioning phase, construction can be completed and put into operation around the Spring Festival. In addition, we will vigorously dig and integrate special resource industries such as the bamboo industry and breeding industry, support the "Meijia Xianning" agricultural product distribution project, set up distribution sites in relevant communities in the region, and use e-commerce to place orders, receive orders and Local suppliers respond to demand, time-limited supply, and distribution to households, and complete the sale of agricultural products through e-commerce.

As of now, 5 series of Osmanthus skin care products in the area have begun trial operation; 3 freeze-dried osmanthus varieties and 6 osmanthus sachet series have been successfully developed and are being connected to physical enterprises to realize the transformation of scientific and technological achievements; an annual output of 200,000 cans The construction of processing lines for chicken soup enterprises has basically been completed.

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