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Targeted efforts to find pain points Xian'an various inspections of "bright sword" rural

日期:2019-12-31 Source: Xianning Daily Date: 2019-12-31 Font size: large, medium and small

"Using a variety of methods, including regular inspections, special inspections, and extended inspections, inspected 77 village (neighbourhood) party organizations in the region, and found 288 problems and handed over 54 clues. 28 people have been disciplined by the party and administrative affairs and transferred to justice. One agency ... "This is an effective answer since the Xian'an District Party Committee has promoted the inspection of villagers.

Promoting full coverage of village patrols is a concrete manifestation of the implementation of the spirit of the party's 19th National Congress and important discussions of Xi Jinping's patrol and inspection work, and is a major decision-making arrangement made by the provincial party committee.

"Where the party organization is established, the patrol and inspection will follow up." Li Wenbo, secretary of the district party committee, insisted on the orientation of political patrols, focused on the combination of physical coverage and effective coverage, inserted the patrol sword into the grassroots, and worked hard to achieve comprehensive and strict governance. The party "last mile."

Routine inspections, keeping up with "outstanding issues"

"Contradictions in letters and visits are prominent. Many people in the village have made petitions for a long time. They have visited Beijing many times for petitions, and basically they have become petitions for 'professional households' ..."

"Repeated petitions are good, cadres' style is good." In response to the petitions in Tiepu Village, the problem was strongly reflected. In 2017, the district committee sent out inspection teams to conduct regular inspections of the village.

After the inspection team settled in, the situation of the above visit was reflected as a breakthrough. By holding seminars, individual talks, consulting information, and interviewing key people, we kept an eye on the key issues, went straight to the issue, and conducted in-depth discussions with Tiepu Village cadres, party members, and the masses. During the exchange, 16 problems in five aspects of the village were discovered, 4 clues about the problems of the village committees and related cadres were dug up, and they were handed over to the relevant departments for serious handling.

In addition, in order to ward off formalism and ensure the quality of inspections, while strengthening the initiative of village party organizations to rectify and reform, compact and consolidate the main responsibilities of township party committees, strictly supervise and supervise, and promote the special management of outstanding issues such as letter and visit stability, engineering projects, etc. Promoted the resolution of a number of outstanding issues with strong public response.

"If there are any problems, we will inspect them. Wherever there are complaints from the masses, we will inspect first. This is the direction we must adhere to," said the principal in charge of the district party inspection office.

Special inspection, Liang Jian "mini corruption"

"The secretary of the village branch abuses his powers and seeks personal gains. The inspection team does not care?" "You can rest assured that you must be in control. If there is any problem, please speak slowly."

When the inspection team first settled in a village in Damu Township, some villagers reported to the inspection team about the related issues of the village branch secretary Hu. According to the feedback from the masses, the inspection team followed up further and, after grasping the basic evidence, quickly transferred it to the Xian'an District Discipline Inspection Commission for direct investigation. After the District Discipline Inspection Commission passed the investigation and verification, it gave 4 people a warning within the party and conducted criticism and education on the leaders in charge of Damu Township.

Although "fly greedy" is small, its harm is endless. The Xian'an District Party Committee insists on the members of the "two committees" of the village as the focus of supervision, and works hard on prominent issues such as people's livelihood, "micro-corruption" and damage to the vital interests of the people. Since 2018, special inspections have been conducted in 20 key poor villages and 9 grass-roots party organizations with weak and scattered villages. Special inspections are like sharp swords poking straight at the pain points, facing the people's most concerned issues. Through inspections, they have investigated and dealt with more than 10 problems such as misreporting poverty alleviation projects and misappropriating poverty alleviation funds. Nine people were given disciplinary and administrative sanctions.

Cross-patrol, cracking "human interference"

"I have been working in Xian'an for 30 years, and many places have" acquaintances ". What if I meet with" acquaintances "?" A cadre of the inspection team of the district committee admitted frankly.

This is the county patrol process. The patrol cadres are most afraid of embarrassing situations when they meet "acquaintances". What's more, they will appear "not patrolling deeply or seeing through" due to human interference, or even run out of air. Concealment.

How to solve the complex problems of human relationships at the grass-roots level in rural areas has become an important factor in whether village-level inspections can achieve practical results.

In response to this, the Xian'an District Party Committee innovated its methods, explored cross-grade methods, and formulated the "Coverage Party (Community) Party Organization's Inspection and Coverage Work Plan for Xian'an District", which plans to use 2 months in 2020, The village (community) party organizations covered all inspections, including 6 regular inspections, 19 extended inspections, and 68 cross inspections.

The cross-checks are conducted under the overall guidance of the district party's patrol office. The patrol team and the township personnel are mixed and organized, and the patrol forces cross each other. Established 3 inspection teams, 12 inspection teams, and appointed 1 disciplinary committee secretary or organization member to lead each of the 12 towns and offices. Another 3 towns and offices were selected to be familiar with discipline inspection, organization, and finance. Related business staff, a total of 48 people.

We will conduct cross-level inspections at the village level, and strive to form a strong joint force that participates extensively, cooperates, and pushes forward the solution of rural grassroots problems, and provides a strong discipline guarantee for the promotion of rural economic and social development.

Extended inspections to promote "village revitalization"

"Hongkou Village was broken and poor before. After the inspection team came, great changes occurred. The hometown became a garden and the industry in the village was thriving ..." This is the actual feeling of the local villagers.

The villagers of Hongkou are honest and beautiful, but the village lacks leaders to get rid of poverty and get rich. The implementation of the poverty alleviation industry and the policy of benefiting the people is not ideal. The poor roots in the village have never been broken.

In response to the problems found in the inspection, under the leadership of the town party committee, Hongkou Village adjusted 2 older and conservative village cadres, selected and matched the "two committees" team in the strong village, and determined "modern agriculture + tourism". "Tourism" development ideas, the development of golden silk chrysanthemum, gerbera, kiwi, mulberry, colorful flower seedlings and other projects, the construction of Xiongjia Bay, the village appearance of the village has changed greatly, and visitors are endless.

Finding problems and forming a deterrent are the starting points. Promoting reform and promoting development are the starting points for inspections. The Xian'an inspection work focused on solving the problems of supervision within the party at the grass-roots level, opening up the "last mile" of the party, and solving the prominent problems that the grass-roots people have the strongest response to and threaten the party's governing foundation. Promote reform and development with the improvement of inspection results, and increase the satisfaction and gain of the masses.

(Correspondent Zhang Yanshan Lotus)

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