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Interviews and comprehensive results announcement of civil servants for Xianning 2019 exam admission

信息分类: 招考录取 Document number: No information Category: Admissions

成文日期: 2019年06月18日 Issuer: Unwritten Date: June 18, 2019

Name: Interviews and Comprehensive Results Announcement of Xianning City's Public Examination for 2019

Dear candidates,

The written examination and interview of civil servants for Xianning City's 2019 annual examination have been completed. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Announcement on the Employment of Civil Servants in the Provincial, County, and County Examinations of Hubei Province in 2019", the interviews and comprehensive results of civil servants for the 2019 examinations in Xianning City are now announced.


Attachment: Summary of the examination results of civil servants in Xianning 2019

Organization Department of CPC Xianning Municipal Committee

June 18, 2019

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