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Announcement on the examination of civil servant candidates for Xianning 2019 examination (the first batch)

信息分类: 招考录取 Document number: No information Category: Admissions

成文日期: 2019年07月02日 Issuer: Unwritten Date: July 02, 2019

Name: Announcement of Public Service Candidates for Xianning 2019 Examination (First Batch)

Dear candidates,

9 年度省市县乡考试录用公务员工作实施方案》安排,现将咸宁市201 9 年度考试录用公务员考生 考察工作 有关事项公告如下: According to the " Implementation Plan for the Employment of Civil Servants in the Examination of Provinces, Cities, Counties and Townships in Hubei Province in the Year of 2009", the relevant matters concerning the examination of civil servants in the examination of the year 2009 in Xianning City are hereby announced as follows:

I. Inspection Object

对象 按照综合成绩从高到低的顺序确定。 The survey objects are determined in the order of the overall score from high to low. . 5差额确定,其他职位等额确定 (具体名单见附件 1 The posts for village (community) cadres who are admitted to township (street) civil servants will be determined according to the planned number of recruiters: 1: 1.5 , and other positions will be determined in equal amounts (see Annex 1 for the specific list ) . The public security organs of the city and the forest public security organs will be announced separately after the shortlist of inspectors for physical fitness.

考察 时间 安排 Second, the inspection schedule

It starts in the end of June and ends in the middle of July.

Third, the inspection content

Comprehensively understand the participants' political performance, moral qualities, ability qualities, compliance with laws and regulations, self-discipline awareness, learning performance, physical and mental health, and situations that need to be avoided, etc., and review the registration qualifications to verify whether the participants meet the qualifications Conditions, whether the application information and related materials provided are true and accurate, and whether there is any circumvention of the application.

It focuses on examining candidates' political positions, political ideology, political qualities, and moral cultivation. At the same time, it examines various types of personal integrity information, such as the record of candidates taking the national statutory examination, the bank's personal credit record, and the information of court enforcers.

We will conscientiously implement the standards for cadres, adhere to both ethics and talents, prioritize ethics, and insist on putting political standards first. Those who are not politically qualified will resolutely "veto with one vote." Those who have failed to meet the basic quality standards of civil servants and whose careers should be prohibited by civil servants; those who have violated laws and disciplines and affected the image of civil servants; those who have poor political morality, poor social responsibility and a sense of service to the people, and other situations that are not suitable for employment as civil servants Yes, they are not accepted. Those who have the following specific circumstances shall not be determined as the personnel to be recruited:

320日);干部人事档案中身份、年龄、工龄、党龄、学历、经历等存疑尚未查清;隐瞒个人重要信息,或提供虚假材料;不具备正常履行岗位职责的心理素质;考生参加其他公务员、选调生考试,被其他机关已确定为拟录用人员或已经录用的;在参加公务员考试中,有拒不服从管理安排、滋扰纠缠或辱骂恐吓考录工作人员、捏造歪曲事实诬告他人、通过非正常途径、手段扰乱考录秩序等违反考试录用纪律的行为; (1) Those who do not meet the employment requirements of civil servants include: not meeting the qualification requirements for applying for positions; refusing to register after taking part in civil servants and candidates for placement examinations, proactively giving up their qualifications during the probation period, newly recruiting civil servants or referencing The civil servant law management agency (unit) staff's cancellation of employment qualifications, violation of the state's minimum service life, etc., has not reached 5 years (as of March 20 , 2019 ); identity, age, working age, party age, education, experience in the personnel files of cadres Concealed doubts have not yet been found out; concealed important personal information or provided false materials; did not have the psychological quality to perform the duties of the post normally; candidates participated in other civil servants, candidates for placement exams, have been determined by other agencies as candidates or have been hired; in In taking civil service exams, there are behaviors such as refusing to obey management arrangements, harassing entanglement or insulting intimidating test staff, fabricating distorted facts and telling others, and disrupting the order of test admission through abnormal channels and means;

(2) Failure to meet the basic quality standards of civil servants and conducts that should be prohibited by the civil service profession include: disseminating statements that damage the national reputation, organizing or participating in activities such as rallies, processions, and demonstrations aimed at opposing the country; organizing or participating in illegal activities Organizing, organizing, or participating in strikes; neglecting their duties and delaying work; suppressing criticism and cracking down on retaliation; falsifying, misleading, or deceiving leaders or the public; corruption, bribery, or bribery, using their positions for personal gain for themselves or others; Violating the law of financial brokerage and wasting state or collective wealth; abuse of power and infringement on the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, legal persons or other organizations; disclosure of state secrets or work secrets; damage to national honor and interests in foreign relations; participation in or support of pornography, Drug abuse, gambling, superstition, etc .; Serious violations of professional ethics, social morality, family virtues;

年;担任领导职位的公务员引咎辞职或责令辞职不满3年;违反计划生育政策; (3) Those who have violated laws and disciplines and affected the image of civil servants include: exemption from criminal penalties for violations of criminal law; once received re-education through labor, administrative detention, and compulsory detoxification treatment; have been expelled from the party, public office, group membership, and school status; In the national statutory examination, there was serious fraud; in the past 3 years, he has been punished by excessive demotion, demotion, dismissal, retention (party, school) inspection, etc .; tampering with, forgery of personnel files of cadres, and other violations of archival work discipline; Letters, court dishonest performers, military service and other fields are listed as joint disciplinary targets for dishonesty in accordance with the law; staff of public institutions have been downgraded or less than 3 years after being dismissed; civil servants in leadership positions have resigned or ordered to resign for less than 3 years; Violation of the family planning policy;

(4) Other circumstances that are not suitable for employment as civil servants or for the position to be applied for as provided by laws and regulations. Some important positions of municipal government agencies should be strictly controlled during inspections. Personnel who have incomplete file materials, unclear personal experiences, unclear historical conditions, cannot conduct effective inspections, and may affect job safety or harm national interests after being hired shall not be determined as candidates for hire.

4. Inspection materials that candidates must provide

Please keep the communication of the visitors, and prepare the materials needed for various kinds of investigations in advance (see Appendix 2 for specific materials) .

V. Other matters

发放征求意见表、民主测评、实地走访、查阅干部人事档案和学习工作资料等方法 进行,根据需要也可到考察对象曾经工作或学习过的单位进行延伸 考察。 During the inspection, the inspection team will issue the solicitation form, democratic evaluation, field visits, check the personnel files of the cadres, and study work materials based on the information provided by the candidates' autobiography and relying on the units (schools) and community organizations of the inspection targets . The method is carried out, and the extended inspection can also be carried out to the unit where the subject has worked or studied as needed .

The inspections and medical examinations can be organized and implemented simultaneously. If there are shortages due to inspections, medical examinations and other reasons, the recruitment agency will determine whether to replenish according to the needs of the employer. Those who need to be replenished should be submitted to the Organization Department of the Party Committee of the recruitment agency for approval, and the candidates for the same positions can be re-submitted for inspection and physical examination according to the comprehensive score from high to low.

Phone: Civil Service Management Division, Organization Department, Municipal Committee 0715-8126407


Attachment 1: The list of civil servants inspected by Xianning City for the examination in 2019 (the first batch) .xls

Appendix 2: List of materials that candidates must provide.docx

Xianning Civil Servants Bureau

9 7 2 201 July 2 , 9

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