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Announcement of the examination of civil servants' positions in Xianning City in the 2019 examination (the first batch)

信息分类: 招考录取 Document number: No information Category: Admissions

成文日期: 2019年07月03日 Issuer: Unwritten Date: July 03, 2019

Name: Announcement of Physical Examination for Civil Service Positions in Xianning City in the 2019 Examination (First Batch)

Dear candidates,

现将咸宁市201 9 年度 考试录用公务员第一批职位体检 工作 有关事项公告如下: According to the `` Hubei Province's 2019 Provincial, City, County, and Township Examination and Employment of Civil Servants Implementation Plan '' and the `` Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Provincial, City, County, and Township Examinations in 2019 of Provincial, City, and County Examinations for Civil Servants' Physical Fitness Evaluation, Inspection, Physical Examination, Publicity, and Employment Approval and other Work '' The following are the announcements on the first batch of post-examination medical examinations for civil servants in Xianning City 's 201-9 examinations :

I. List of Finalists

The objects of the physical examination are determined in the order of the overall score. The positions for village (community) cadres who are admitted to township (street) civil servants are determined according to the plan 1: 1.5 difference in the number of recruited employees, and other positions are determined in equal amounts (see Annex 1 for the specific list). The public security organs of the city and the forest public security organs will be announced separately after the shortlist of inspectors for physical fitness.

2. Medical examination time and concentration place

2019年 7月 6 日,上午7:00前考生到指定地点报到集中 不按规定时间到达指定地点的考生视为弃权 Physical examination time: On July 6 , 2019, candidates will report to the designated location before 7:00 am (candidates who do not arrive at the designated location within the prescribed time will be deemed to abstain ) .

中共咸宁市委组织部 (地址:咸宁市咸宁大道 69 号)。 Concentration place: Organization Department of Xianning Municipal Party Committee (Address: 69 Xianning Avenue , Xianning City ).

3. Medical examination standards

2012 〕65号) 《关于修订<公务员录用体检通用标准(试行)>及<公务员录用体检操作手册(试行)>有关内容的通知》(人社部发〔 2016 〕140号) 等规定组织实施。 The physical examination was in accordance with the "Notice on Further Improving the Medical Examination of Civil Servants' Examination" (Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security [ 2012 ] No. 65) , "About Revision of the" General Standards for Medical Examination for Civil Servants (Trial) "and" Operation Manual for Medical Examination for Civil Servants (Trial) > The relevant content notice (the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security [ 2016 ] No. 140) and other provisions were organized for implementation. 还须符合《关于印发公务员录用体检特殊标准(试行)的通知》(人社部发〔 2010 〕82号)对身体条件的要求 ,《公务员录用体检特殊标准(试行)》中的所有体检项目均不进行复检 To apply for positions in the public security organs, the people's police of the forest public security organs, the people's courts, and the judicial police of the People's Procuratorate, they must also meet the "Notice on Printing and Distributing Special Standards for Medical Examinations for Civil Servant (Trial)" (Ministry of Human and Social Affairs [ 2010 ] No. 82) For physical conditions , all medical examination items in the Special Standards for Medical Examination for Civil Servant (Trial) will not be re-examined .

Fourth, matters needing attention

. 考生须携带本人身份证、笔试准考证原件和与笔试准考证相同的2寸免冠彩色登记照1张参加体检。 1. Candidates are required to bring their ID card, original written examination admission ticket, and a 2-inch crown-free color registration photo that is the same as the written examination admission certificate to participate in the medical examination.

. 体检前2至3天须注意饮食,不吃过多油腻、不易消化的食物,不饮酒,不吃对肝、肾功能有副作用的药物;体检前日晚上8时后避免进食和剧烈运动,应保持充足睡眠;体检当日早晨应禁食、禁水,空腹进行抽血化验和腹部B超检查。 2. Pay attention to diet 2 to 3 days before the physical examination, do not eat too much greasy, non-digestible food, do not drink alcohol, do not eat drugs that have side effects on liver and kidney function; avoid eating and strenuous exercise after 8 pm the day before the physical examination, Sufficient sleep should be maintained; fasting and water should be fasted in the morning on the day of the physical examination, blood tests and abdominal B-ultrasound should be performed on an empty stomach.

. 体检时着装宽松,不宜穿戴有金属线的衣服、连裤袜及长筒靴;须如实向医生提供自己的既往病史,并按体检表中所列项目完全检查,不要遗漏,以免影响最终的体检结果。 3. You should wear loose clothing during the physical examination, and it is not suitable to wear metal-lined clothes, pantyhose, and boots; you must truthfully provide your doctor with your past medical history, and complete the examination according to the items listed in the physical examination table, so as not to omit it, so as not to affect the final result. Medical examination results.

. 妊娠期考生体检时应及时告诉体检医生,关于妊娠期考生的体检问题以《报考指南》第二十 条解释为准。 4. The examinees of pregnant women should inform the examiner in time during the physical examination. For the examination of pregnant women, the explanation in Article 23 of the "Guidelines for Examination" shall prevail.

. 考生对非当日、非当场复检的体检项目结果有疑问的,可以在接到体 检结论通知之日起 7日内,向市委组织部公务员管理科提交复检申请,公务员管理科另行安排考生进行复检。 5. Candidates who have questions about the results of non-spot and non-spot reexaminations can submit an application for reexamination to the Civil Service Management Section of the Municipal Organization Department within 7 days of receiving the notification of the conclusion of the medical examination , and the Civil Service Management Section will arrange separately Candidates are reviewed. The re-examination can only be performed once, and the results of the physical examination are subject to the conclusion of the re-examination.

. 须严格遵守体检纪律,听从体检工作人员安排,对于体检中冒名顶替和调换体检样本,或有其他舞弊情形的,按公务员考试作弊处理。 6. Must strictly abide by the medical examination discipline, obey the arrangements of the medical examination staff. For the impersonation and replacement of medical examination samples during the medical examination, or if there are other cases of fraud, cheating shall be handled according to the civil service examination.

. 考生体检费用按实际收取, 请考生自备现金 (医院体检费500元左右)。 7. Candidates' medical examination fees are charged according to actual conditions . Candidates are required to bring their own cash (the hospital medical examination fee is about 500 yuan).

. 因体检不合格出现缺额,由招录机关根据用人需要确定是否递补。 8. Vacancy due to unqualified medical examination, the recruitment agency will determine whether to replenish according to the needs of the employer. (递补人员体检 时间 另行通知,请考生保持通讯畅通,以免错失递补机会)。 Those who need to be replenished should be submitted to the Organization Department of the Party Committee of the recruiting organ for approval, and they can submit candidates for medical examinations based on their comprehensive scores from high to low in the same position. (Recruitment personnel's physical examination time will be notified separately. Candidates should keep communication open. So as not to miss the chance to make up).

0715-8126407(市委组织部公务员管理科) Consulting Tel: 0715-8126407 (Civil Service Management Section, Organization Department, Municipal Party Committee)

Attachment :

Attachment 1: The list of civil servants who are employed by Xianning City in the examination in 2019 (the first batch) .xls

Attachment 2: Examination Notes for Candidates.docx

Xianning Civil Servants Bureau

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