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Announcement of the physical fitness evaluation of civil servant candidates for the 2019 examination in Xianning

信息分类: 招考录取 Document number: No information Category: Admissions

成文日期: 2019年07月08日 Issuer: Unwritten Date: July 08, 2019

Name: Announcement of Physical Fitness Evaluation of Civil Servant Candidates for the 2019 Annual Examination of Xianning City

精神,现将咸宁市2019年度公安机关 、森林公安机关 考试录用公务员(人民警察) 体能测评 有关事项公告如下: In accordance with the spirit of the "Announcement on the Employment of Civil Servants in the Provincial, Municipal, County and Township Examinations of Hubei Province in 2019" , the relevant matters concerning the physical fitness evaluation of public security organs and forest public security organs in Xianning City in 2019 are as follows:

I. Participants in physical fitness assessment

Those who have passed the qualification review and have participated in the interview to participate in the physical fitness assessment (Annex 1) .

Second, the time and place of physical fitness assessment

进行 Physical fitness assessment was conducted on July 11 . 、通城县森林公安机关 14230202007011001 - 1423020200701100 2职位 的考生 当天上午7:15 前到达咸宁市实验外国语学校正门处(书台街清华城旁)集合。 Candidates who are applying for positions in Xianning Public Security Bureau 14230202007010001-14230202007010026 and Tongcheng County Forest Public Security Organ 14230202007011001-1423020200701100 2 positions will arrive at the main entrance of Xianning Experimental Foreign Language School (next to Tsinghua City, Shutai Street) before 7:15 a.m.

Third, matters needing attention

参加体能测评的考生须认真阅读《体能测评考生须知》(附件2),携带 本人身份证、笔试准考证 参加体能测评。 (1) Candidates participating in the physical fitness assessment must carefully read the "Instructions for candidates for physical fitness assessment" (Appendix 2), and bring their ID card and written examination permit to participate in the physical fitness assessment.

考生须按规定时间、地点集合参加体能测评,7:30还未到达集合地点的取消体能测评资格。 (2) Candidates must gather at the specified time and place to participate in the physical fitness assessment. Cancellation of physical fitness assessment qualification before 7:30 has not been completed. After the candidates gather, they will be guided by the staff for physical fitness assessment.

体能测评项目和标准按人力资源和社会保障部、公安部、国家公务员局2011年4月印发的《公安机关录用人民警察体能测评项目和标准(暂行)》(附件3)执行。 (3) The physical fitness evaluation items and standards are implemented in accordance with the “Personal Police Physical Fitness Evaluation Items and Standards (Interim)” (Annex 3) issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the Ministry of Public Security and the National Civil Service Bureau in April 2011. Those who fail the physical fitness assessment will not be accepted.

2019年度省市县乡考试录用公务员报考指南 》第二十三条解释为准。 (IV) Regarding the physical fitness assessment of candidates during pregnancy, Article 23 of the " Guidelines for Provincial , City, County, and Township Examination of Civil Service Application in 2019 " shall prevail. Except for candidates during pregnancy, candidates who are unable to complete a physical fitness assessment due to personal reasons are considered unqualified.

咸宁市森林公安局政工科 咨询,联系电话:0715-8172055 、8136696 If you have any questions, please consult the Political Department of Xianning Public Security Bureau and the Political and Engineering Section of Xianning Forest Public Security Bureau . The telephone numbers are: 0715-8172055 , 8136696 .


List of fitness testers in 2019-bulletin board.xls

Attachment 2: Instructions for candidates for physical fitness assessment.doc  

Attachment 3: Notice on Printing and Distributing Items and Standards of the People's Police for Physical Fitness Evaluation (Interim)

Xianning Civil Servants Bureau

Xianning Public Security Bureau

Xianning Forest Public Security Bureau

8 July 8 , 2019

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