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Public announcement of the civil servants to be recruited for the 2019 examination in Xianning (first batch)

信息分类: 招考录取 Document number: No information Category: Admissions

成文日期: 2019年10月22日 Issuer: Unwritten Date: October 22, 2019

Name: Announcement of Xianning City's public servants to be recruited for the examination in 2019 (the first batch)

9 年度省市县乡考试录用公务员公告》规定,经笔试、面试、考察和体检 等程序 ,现将 黄炀等281名拟录用人员予以 公示 (具体名单见附表) ,公示时间为 5 天。 According to the " Announcement on the Employment of Civil Servants in the Provincial , City, County and Township Examinations of Hubei Province in 2011", after 281 written appointments, interviews, inspections, and physical examination procedures , 281 prospective recruits such as Huang Huang are now publicly announced (see the attached list for details) The time is 5 days.

或来信 等方式向 中共咸宁市委组织部 反映。 During the publicity period, if the public has any objection to the personnel to be recruited, they can report it to the Organization Department of the CPC Xianning Municipal Committee by telephone or letter . The report must be based on facts and evidence to facilitate verification and leave contact information.

湖北省咸宁市咸宁大道 69号中共咸宁市委组织部公务员科 联系 电话: 0715-8126407, 邮政编码:43 7100。 The address of the letter: Civil Service Section , Organization Department, Xianning Municipal Committee , 69 Xianning Avenue , Xianning, Hubei Province , Tel: 0715-8126407, Postcode: 43 7100.


List of civil servants to be recruited by Xianning City in the examination for 2019 (first batch) .xls

Xianning Civil Servants Bureau

9 8 22 201 August 22 , 9

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