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Recommended public notice of provincial leading enterprises in Xianning

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发布日期: 2019年09月09日 Issuer: No Release Date: September 09, 2019

有效性: Name: Effectiveness of recommendation and publicity of provincial leading enterprises in Xianning City :

2018 12 )、《省扶贫办关于规范报送省级龙头企业申报资料的通知》要求,咸宁市扶贫办从 21 家申报单位中选择推荐以下 3 家单位为省级扶贫龙头企业,具体名单如下: According to the requirements of the Opinions of Hubei Province on the Identification and Management of Leading Enterprises for Poverty Alleviation (Ezheng Fufa [ 2018 ] No. 12 ) and the Notice of the Provincial Poverty Alleviation Office on Regulating the Reporting of Provincial Leading Enterprises' Declaration Materials, From the 21 application units, the following 3 units are selected and recommended as leading provincial poverty alleviation enterprises. The specific list is as follows:

Hubei Qinfeng Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.

Hubei Jinning Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.

Xianning Qiangnong Modern Agricultural Industry Professional Cooperative Union

7 天( 2019 9 6 日至 9 16 日), 公示期间如对推荐企业有不同意见,请于 2019 9 16 日前,以电话、电子邮件或信函等形式向咸宁市人民政府扶贫开发办公室反映(信函以到达邮戳为准)。 The public notice is required according to the requirements. The public notice period is 7 days ( September 6 , 2019 to September 16 , 2019 ). If you have different opinions on the recommended companies during the public notice period, please call, email or by September 16 , 2019 . Letters and other forms are reflected to the Poverty Alleviation and Development Office of the Xianning Municipal People's Government (letters are subject to the postmark on arrival). The situation must be objective and truthful, and the person reporting the situation must provide contact information to facilitate investigation and verification.

0715-8126421 Phone : 0715-8126421 Email:

608 Mailing address: Room 608, Xianning Administrative Service Center

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