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Proposal of "Guarding Xianning Blue and Helping the Military Games"

信息分类: 通知公告 Document number: No information Category: Notice

成文日期: 2019年10月23日 Issuer: Unwritten Date: October 23, 2019

Name: "Protect Xianning Blue, Help the Military Games" Proposal

Friends of the public:

10 23 -29 日,在全市范围内开展为期一周的 “守护咸宁蓝,助力军运会” 活动,我们向全体市民朋友们发出如下倡议: The 7th World Military Games is being held in Wuhan in full swing. In order to effectively reduce the emissions of motor vehicle exhaust pollutants, improve the air quality of our city, make the sky bluer, the air cleaner, and the roads smoother, the Municipal Ecology and Environment Bureau decided since October 23 From January 29th to 29th , a week-long "Guarding Xianning Blue and Assisting the Military Games" was launched throughout the city . We issued the following proposals to all citizens:

:我们共同守护咸宁的蓝天,踊跃参加为期一周的“守护咸宁蓝,助力军运会”志愿者活动,倡导积极向上和健康出行理念,不开燃油车,最大限度减少机动车尾气排放。 I am an advocate of low-carbon travel : we protect Xianning's blue sky together, and actively participate in the week-long “Guarding Xianning Blue, helping the Military Games” volunteer activity, advocating a positive and healthy travel concept, not driving fuel cars, minimizing Vehicle exhaust emissions.

步行和骑车能强身健体、促进节能减排、保护环境、缓解交通压力,我们尽量减少汽车的使用,选择步行、骑自行车或乘公共交通工具等方式出行,为净化空气、减少交通拥堵做出表率。 I am a low-carbon travel practitioner: walking and cycling can strengthen my body, promote energy conservation, reduce emissions, protect the environment, and alleviate traffic pressure. We try to reduce the use of cars as much as possible, and choose to travel by walking, cycling or public transportation. , Set an example for purifying the air and reducing traffic congestion.

发挥人人都是宣传员的作用,向身边的家人、同事和朋友宣传绿色低碳出行的重要意义,传递绿色低碳生活正能量,号召广大市民积极加入到“守护咸宁蓝、助力军运会”志愿活动中来,营造低碳、畅通、文明的市区环境。 I am a low-carbon travel propagandist: Let everyone play the role of a propagandist, promote the importance of green low-carbon travel to family, colleagues and friends around them, pass the positive energy of green low-carbon life, and call on the general public to actively join "Care for Xianning Blue and help the Military Games" volunteer activities to create a low-carbon, smooth, civilized urban environment.

Dear citizens, let us join hands and work together to build up water. Every time you make a public transit, you will add brightness to our "Xianning Blue"; every step you take, Both will add a clear path to our path.

Xianning Ecological Environment Bureau

10 23 October 23 , 2019

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