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Interpretation of "Implementation Measures of Xianning's Major Industrial Development Fund"

信息分类: 政策解读 Document number: No information classification: Policy interpretation

成文日期: 2019年09月15日 Issuer: Unwritten Date: September 15, 2019

Name: Interpretation of the Policy on the Implementation Measures of Xianning's Major Industrial Development Fund

First, modify the background

The first is the need for changing circumstances. 2012 年制定的《办法》已经不适应产业发展的需要,尤其是在支持方向、支持方式上需要作相应调整。 As China ’s economic development shifts to high quality and the conversion of old and new kinetic energy is accelerating, the “Measures” formulated in 2012 are no longer suitable for the needs of industrial development, and in particular, support directions and methods need to be adjusted accordingly.

The second is the need to prevent risks. Affected by many factors such as policy changes and economic downturn, there are risks in capital recovery, and some funds have already lost money.

The third is the need for audit rectification. In recent years, the audit department pointed out that major industrial development funds had problems such as overdue collections, and required the city and county governments to rectify quickly.

Second, the main content

Chapter 1: General Provisions. It mainly explains the establishment background, composition and nature of the fund.

Chapter 2: Principles of Use. Adhere to the principle of "planning overall planning, hierarchical management, highlighting key points, recycling, and standardizing safety". 5000 万元资金,委托县市区使用、管理、回收。 Compared with the original "Measures", the principle of leading by leading and balancing interests was deleted; the principle of hierarchical management and emphasis on key points were added; the municipal government arranged 50 million yuan for each county and city to entrust the county and city to use, manage, and recycle.

Chapter 3: Supporting Priorities. Clarified the four areas of support. Compared with the original "Measures", "Major industrial projects for investment promotion and landing in Xianning and major central and provincial policy projects" have been added.

Chapter 4: Ways of Support. According to policy changes, the new "Measures" have undergone relatively large changes in response to issues identified during audits and inspections and rectification requirements. 7 种投放方式。 It mainly adopts 7 kinds of investment methods , including capital investment, corporate bailout funds, project upfront fees, investment subsidies, loan discounts, replacement with awards, and risk compensation . Compared with the original "Measures", the methods of phase participation, temporary turnover, bundled investment with banks, and market-linked investment have been deleted. Only the methods of capital investment and loan discount interest have been retained.

Chapter 5: Fund Management. The management mode of “graded implementation and classified responsibility” was clarified, and matters such as the distribution of funds' income, loss sharing, and supplementary channels were specified. Compared with the original "Measures", the division of the responsibility of the municipal and county governments has been added, and the relevant expressions such as the work responsibilities of the Municipal Fund Office and the Project Evaluation Committee have been deleted accordingly.

Chapter 6: Project Management. In accordance with the procedures of "enterprise (unit) declaration, financial review, and government approval". Compared with the original "Measures", it mainly combines the new model of fund classification and responsibility. It deletes the content of county and urban areas reporting, preliminary review by the municipal financial department, assessment and review by the municipal organization, and review by the municipal government. The department handles relevant project approval and fund allocation procedures.

Chapter 7: Supervision. It mainly includes matters such as supervision and inspection of funds, performance evaluation, risk prevention and control, and accountability.

Chapter 8: Supplementary Provisions.

Differences between the new and old Measures

See Schedule"

Fund method to modify the comparison table.xlsx

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