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Illustration 丨 Xianning introduced nine talents, and will introduce 100,000 talents in the next five years

信息分类: 政策解读 Document number: No information classification: Policy interpretation

成文日期: 2019年11月27日 Issuer: Unwritten Date: November 27, 2019

Name: Graphic 丨 Xianning has introduced nine talents, and will introduce 100,000 talents in the next five years

Full-media reporter Zhu Zhe of Xianning Daily, trainee reporter Tan Hongyu, correspondent Yang Chang

On November 27, Xianning held a press conference on "Implementation Opinions on Xianning's" Introduction Plan for College Students "(hereinafter referred to as" Implementation Opinions "), covering 9 housing security, living subsidies, entrepreneurial support, and employment services for talents. A series of preferential policies have been introduced to broaden coverage, strong service and diversified policy measures, sounding the Xianning Lancai new horn, and strive to attract 100,000 college students to work and start business in 5 years.

At the press conference, Wang Jiang, a member of the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee, briefed on the background, significance, main content, and characteristics of the Implementation Opinions. The Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the Municipal Housing Construction Bureau, the Municipal Market Supervision Administration, and the Municipal Responsible comrades of relevant departments, such as the Housing Provident Fund Center and the Municipal Public Security Bureau, interpreted the policies based on their respective department functions.

According to the interpretation of various departments, the "Implementation Opinions" highlights the "six have" highlights, that is, to allow college students to work and live in housing, subsidies for living, employment channels, entrepreneurship and support, direct family members employment recommendations, There is a mechanism for talent circulation, and efforts are made to solve the worries of talents coming to work.

Work and housing-college students who come to Xianxian for employment and entrepreneurship, and have no housing in the urban area of the city can apply for public rental housing. The rent is exempted in the first year and reduced by half in the next two years. After the implementation of the "University Introduction Program", it meets the conditions Of college students who purchase new commodity self-occupied housing in our city, applying for provident fund housing loans can be raised to 1.5 times the limit, and subsidies for housing purchases of 8,000 to 10,000 yuan will be given.

There is a subsidy for living—for full-time college students who come to work under the age of 35 and sign a labor contract for more than 3 years, each person is given a living subsidy ranging from 1,500 yuan to 10,000 yuan per year, which is a continuous subsidy for 3 years.

There are channels for employment-within 5 years, the city will organize the construction of more than 600 college student internship training bases, and provide 10,000 internship training positions for college students who come to work in Xian. Undergraduate students, graduate students and doctoral students who have undergone internship training in Xian are given internship training subsidies of 1,000 yuan, 1,200 yuan, and 1,500 yuan per person per month, and personal accident insurance is purchased for them. At the same time, for college students who come to Xianxian to apply for a job, the employer shall give a one-time job search subsidy of 200 and 500 yuan to each person in and outside the province.

Entrepreneurship is supported—For college graduates who start small and micro enterprises or engage in self-employed business within 5 years from the graduation school year, a business license of 5,000 yuan will be granted to those who rent a business venue outside the centralized business carrier. Or if you start your own real estate business, you can apply for a monthly subsidy of 500 yuan per month for a period of more than 12 months of normal business tax payment, for a maximum of 3 years rent subsidy. For college students, start small or micro businesses for the first time in Xian within 5 years from the graduation school year. Self-employed, normal business tax payment for more than 6 months, driving employment of 3 people or less, at a rate of 1,000 yuan per person, a one-time entrepreneurship-driven employment subsidy of not more than 3,000 yuan; driving more than 3 people, a one-time employment 5,000 yuan in entrepreneurship drives employment subsidies. For college students who have been in business for the first time for one year, recruiting 10 to 50 college students for more than one year and paying social security will give 50,000 to 200,000 one-time entrepreneurship-driven employment incentive subsidies. In addition, for college students who start their own businesses in Xian, they will be given personal compensation. For business guarantee loans exceeding 200,000 yuan, partnerships not exceeding 1 million yuan, and small and micro enterprises not exceeding 3 million yuan, full discounts will be given for amounts below 1 million, and 50% discount subsidies will be provided for amounts between 1 and 3 million. For college students who start a business in our city's business incubation base (park), apply for a business guarantee loan, and their business projects are eligible for review and exemption from counter-guarantee procedures.

There is support for the employment of direct family members—For the direct family members of college students who are employed in Xianxian, if they are not employed, the local people's social affairs department can recommend employment in accordance with relevant regulations.

There is a mechanism for talent circulation-the city will set up more than 1,000 grass-roots service posts in party and government agencies at all levels, state-owned enterprises, institutions and villages (communities) each year, increasing county and township civil servants and selecting students, township schools, hospitals, forestry and other public places every year. The number of recruiting (hiring) staff in service institutions; perfecting and standardizing the transfer mechanism of civil servants, and recruiting (hiring) public servants, recruiting (hiring) staff in public institutions, and publicly selecting (selecting) civil servants in municipal government agencies. 40% of the number of employees, targeted recruitment (hiring) of outstanding undergraduates and professional and technical personnel who have reached the required number of years in basic posts in enterprises and institutions in the city, towns (streets), villages (communities), etc. Communication channels between different types of talents.

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