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Interpretation of the Implementation Plan of Xianning City to Promote High-quality Development of Key Industries

解读单位: 咸宁市发改委 Source: Xianning Municipal Government Interpretation Unit: Xianning Development and Reform Commission

解读方式: 文字方式 Release Date: December 13, 2019 Interpretation: Text

解读类型: 部门解读 Name: "Interpretation of Xianning City's Implementation Plan for Promoting High-quality Development of Key Industries" Policy Interpretation Type: Departmental Interpretation

I. Drafting Background of the Plan

The Opinions on Promoting the High-quality Development of the Top Ten Key Industries in the Province issued by the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government (Efa [2018] No. 32), focusing on the ten key industries that have good foundations, excellent conditions and great potential, such as integrated circuits To cultivate new strategic support and new growth poles for the industrial development of the province, accelerate the transformation of Hubei manufacturing to Hubei creation, the transformation of Hubei speed to Hubei quality, the transformation of Hubei production to Hubei brand, and promote the industry to move towards the mid-to-high end of the value chain. By 2022, the top ten key industries will lead the province to form 4 trillion yuan industries and 10 500 billion yuan industries. The document requires each locality to organize the formulation of specific implementation plans, refine policies and measures, decompose and implement specific goals and tasks, pay close attention to the implementation of work, and effectively accelerate the development of high-quality industries in key industries. According to the municipal government's deployment arrangements, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission led the drafting of the draft plan, and extensively solicited opinions from relevant municipal departments, Xianning High-tech Zone, and counties (cities, districts) and other units. After several revisions, they were submitted to the municipal government executive meeting for review and approval.

2. The Plan highlights its characteristics and priorities

The "Plan" not only targets the national and provincial industrial development strategies, but also has certain forward-looking characteristics. At the same time, it combines the actual development of Xianning industry, and focuses on the overall promotion of modern agriculture, high-tech industries, and the development of tourism across the region. It focuses on agricultural product processing, Clean energy, electronic information, automobile and parts manufacturing, medicine and health and other "five hundred billion industries" focusing on "good foundations, excellent conditions, and high potential" new energy and new materials, electronic information, automobiles and parts, medicine Health, intelligent manufacturing, and integrated circuits, including six types of emerging industries, have clarified their thinking and goals, development directions, key layouts, and key enterprises, and formulated ten implementation measures to provide new strategic support and new growth for the city's industrial development It is of great guiding significance to accelerate the conversion of old and new kinetic energy, and lead the quality change, efficiency change, and power change of industrial development.

3. The Plan focuses on six key industries

The first part mainly puts forward the overall requirements for high-quality development of key industries from the three aspects of guiding ideology, development orientation, and development goals.

In terms of development positioning, it is mainly considered from the four aspects of building an industrial innovation center, an advanced manufacturing center, an advanced development integration zone, and a green development demonstration zone.

In terms of development goals, we will focus on accelerating the development of high-quality development of key industries, and put forward several goals in terms of industrial structure, innovation capabilities, corporate cultivation, and green development.

The second part is mainly to clarify the ideas and goals, development direction, key layout and key enterprises for promoting the high-quality development of key industries.

The key industries are new energy and new materials, electronic information, automobiles and parts, medicine and health, intelligent manufacturing and integrated circuits. Each key industry covers several sub-sectors.

The third part mainly proposes ten specific measures to promote the high-quality development of key industries.

The first is to prepare special plans. Relevant municipal departments formulate special industrial policies. Each locality formulates a local implementation plan in accordance with key areas and spatial layouts, development goals, and main tasks, clarifies the implementation timetable and road map, and implements the target tasks year by year.

The second is to build an innovation platform. Encourage and support enterprises to develop "double innovation" platforms, and promote the construction of provincial "double innovation" demonstration platforms. Coordinate the construction of a number of high-level innovation platforms such as engineering research centers, technological innovation centers, and industrial innovation centers.

The third is to create industrial clusters. Efforts will be made to create a number of emerging industrial clusters in key industries, and to strengthen existing advantageous industrial clusters such as intelligent mechanical and electrical industrial clusters, electronic information industrial clusters, and military-civilian integration industrial clusters.

The fourth is to strengthen financial support. Actively cooperate with the Provincial Yangtze River Industrial Fund and the Provincial High Investment Corporation to establish an industrial development fund. Vigorously develop science and technology finance, green finance, and promote full-cycle financial services. The Xianning Green Rising Loan Guarantee Fund will be integrated to support key industrial projects with strong innovation, good growth and high technological content.

Fifth, cultivate advantageous brands. Improve the brand cultivation, evaluation, support, and publicity mechanism, actively innovate and cultivate a number of emerging brands, consolidate and enhance a number of advantageous brands, activate and revitalize a number of established brands, and actively build hundreds of billions of famous brands and enterprises.

The sixth is to train talents. Vigorously implement the strategy of strengthening the city by talents, implement the South Hubei Talented Persons Plan, formulate various new policies for talents such as the enterprise talent support plan and the "Xianning Craftsman" training plan, and accelerate the construction of regional talent highlands.

Seventh, promote major projects. Give play to the support and leading role of major industrial projects, build major industrial project reserves and construction banks, open up "green channels", and give priority support in project approval, land use, and financing.

Eight is to improve the infrastructure. Accelerate the construction of projects such as Xianning Airport, Wuhan via Xianning to Nanchang High Speed Rail, Xianning to Pingjiang High Speed Rail, Xianning Railway Freight Yard, Tongan Railway Project, Xianning Port Area, etc., improve multimodal transport facilities, and improve the level of industrial logistics security. Improve urban and rural communication network facilities and raise the level of industrial information infrastructure.

Nine is to create a think tank alliance. Establish a municipal think tank for high-quality industrial development, and set up an industrial technology innovation alliance for each industry to provide advice on industrial transformation and upgrading and investment structure adjustment, and provide guidance for the introduction of new technologies, new processes, new products, and research and development and promotion.

Ten is to pay close attention to coordinated advancement. Establish a leading group with the main leadership of the municipal government as the group leader, and the deputy leadership as the deputy group leader. Relevant municipal departments are members of the leading group to study and deploy the city's major issues such as industrial planning, project planning, investment promotion, and achievement transformation. All counties (cities and districts) have established corresponding organizations and special working classes to push forward the implementation of the work.

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