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Notice of the Office of the Municipal People's Government on Printing and Distributing the Implementation Plan for Promoting High-quality Development of Key Industries in Xianning

文 号: 咸政办发〔2019〕33号 Index No .: 000014349 / 2019-11315 Document No .: Xianzhengbanfa [2019] No. 33

发文单位: 咸宁市人民政府办公室 Subject Category: Macroeconomic Regulation Issuer: Xianning Municipal People's Government Office

发布日期: 2019年12月11日 Name: Notice of the Office of the Municipal People's Government on Printing and Distributing the Implementation Plan for Promoting High-quality Development of Key Industries in Xianning CityDate of Publication: December 11, 2019

发文日期: 2019年12月04日 Validity: Valid Post Date: December 04, 2019

Xianzhengbanfa [2019] No. 33

County, city and district people's governments, municipal government departments, Xianning High-tech Zone Management Committee:

The Implementation Plan of Xianning City to Promote the High-quality Development of Key Industries has been approved by the Municipal People's Government and is now issued to you. Please implement it carefully.

Office of the People's Government of Xianning City

年12月4日 December 4, 2019

(This is publicly available)

Implementation plan for promoting high-quality development of key industries in Xianning

In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of General Secretary Jinping ’s inspection of Hubei ’s important speeches, actively seize policies and market opportunities, give full play to the advantages of transportation and natural resources in our city, and accelerate the development of high-quality development of key industries in the city. Based on the reality of our city, this plan is formulated.

I. General requirements

(1) Guiding ideology.

Guided by Xi Jinping's thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, comprehensive implementation of the spirit of General Secretary Jinping's inspection of Hubei's important speeches, adherence to the new development concept as the guide, the supply-side structural reform as the main line, and benchmarking national and provincial industrial development strategies, Promote the development of six key industries including new energy and new materials, electronic information, automobiles and parts, medicine and health, intelligent manufacturing, and integrated circuits, accelerate the cultivation of new growth poles for the city's industrial development, promote the conversion of old and new kinetic energy, and lead the realization of industrial development Quality change, efficiency change, and power change are driving the industry toward the mid-to-high end of the value chain.

(B) development positioning.

1. Industrial Innovation Center. Adhering to innovation-driven leadership, facing national and provincial strategies, building a number of major scientific and technological infrastructures and major frontier technology research and development platforms; adhere to the clustering of emerging industries, and create a cluster of emerging industries with strong independent innovation capabilities and high concentration; adhere to innovation and reform first, Form a good policy environment and system of innovation-driven development; adhere to the gathering of high-end talents, create a group of top scientists, entrepreneurs and first-class innovation teams at home and abroad, seize the talent highlands, and enhance the "new content" of industrial development.

2. Advanced Manufacturing Center. Efforts to promote industrial information transformation, quality improvement, and intelligent upgrading, vigorously develop new models, new formats, new technologies, and new industries, foster the formation of international manufacturing advanced industrial clusters, and lead the development of national advanced manufacturing in key areas To enhance the "gold content" of industrial development.

3. Leading area for integrated development. Focusing on the improvement of the industrial chain and the goal of upgrading the value chain, we are constantly improving the level of industrial integration. We have taken the lead in the province and even the whole country in the fields of integration of secondary and tertiary industries, integration of information and industrialization, and development of military-civilian integration.

4. Green development demonstration area. Unswervingly follow the path of “ecological priority and green development”, adhere to the red line of ecological protection, the bottom line of environmental quality, and the use of resources, actively explore and innovate the construction mechanism of ecological civilization, and vigorously promote the construction of the Yangtze River protection and ecological civilization demonstration belt along the river. Accelerate the low-carbon transformation of traditional industries, promote the green development of emerging industries, and increase the "green content" of industrial development.

(3) Development goals.

By 2022, the main business revenue of key industries will reach about 250 billion yuan, leading the city to initially form a "hidden champion" development structure of 5 100 billion yuan industries, 10 10 billion yuan industries, and 10 subdivided industries.

1. Upgrading of industry level. The city's manufacturing quality competitiveness index strives to reach 85, and the city's high-tech industry added value accounts for more than 16% of GDP.

2. Significantly enhanced innovation capabilities. Master a number of key core technologies with independent intellectual property rights in agricultural product processing, electronic information, life health, intelligent manufacturing and other fields, and some areas have reached world-leading levels. The proportion of the whole society's R & D investment in the regional GDP reached 1%.

3. Fruitful business cultivation. A total of 10 "unicorn companies" and more than 20 "gazelle companies" have been cultivated in key industries. The number of industrial enterprises has reached 1,200 and the number of listed companies has reached 3, and a group of innovative enterprises with international competitiveness have been cultivated.

4. Green development improves quality and efficiency. The level of resource conservation, environmental protection and safe production has been significantly improved, and the overall quality of the ecological environment has been improved and improved. The energy consumption per 10,000 yuan of GDP has dropped to below 0.45 tons of standard coal (excluding the additional energy consumption of new projects planned by Jinshenglan Metallurgical Company). The comprehensive utilization rate of industrial solid waste exceeds 80%.

Key industries

(1) New energy and new materials.

1. Ideas and goals.

Adhere to the combination of large-scale and decentralized utilization of new energy, and combine the efficient production of new energy with the development of equipment to improve the level of protection and utilization of new energy. Promote the transformation and development of petrochemical, metallurgical and building materials to new fine chemical materials, new metal materials and new inorganic non-metal materials. Focus on the development of new functional materials and high-performance composite materials, and build national and provincial new material research and development and production bases. By 2022, the main business income of new materials will reach 30 billion yuan.

2. Development direction.

(1) Utilization of new energy. Enhance the independent research and development capability and level of new energy equipment manufacturing, and vigorously promote the development of power station-level energy storage materials and equipment such as photovoltaics and energy storage batteries. Actively promote the use of multiple forms of integrated energy cascades, break through new energy power technologies such as complementary wind and solar power, and efficient energy storage, accelerate the development of distributed energy sources that integrate energy storage and microgrid applications, vigorously promote the construction of integrated energy system demonstration projects, and actively promote new Pilot for market-based trading of distributed energy generation.

(2) Advanced power equipment and smart grid. Accelerate the development and application of related equipment such as new energy grid connection, UHV AC power transmission, flexible DC system related technologies and control protection, and promote the development of power grid-related equipment such as flexible AC power transmission, distributed energy grid connection, intelligent substation integration, and DC distribution network. Improve the system solution capabilities of the smart grid industry.

(3) New functional materials. Focusing on high-tech fields such as information, biology, energy, and environmental protection, the development of new functional materials such as new energy materials, new chemical materials, inorganic non-metal materials, new biomedical materials, and eco-environment materials, with emphasis on supporting nanomaterials, smart materials, and superconductivity R & D and industrialization of cutting-edge materials such as materials to strengthen the fundamental supporting role of materials.

(4) High-performance composite materials. Breakthroughs in key technologies such as efficient and low-cost molding of composite materials, high-efficiency automated molding, low-temperature curing, and new-type curing molding, focusing on the development of non-metal-based composite materials.

3. Key layout.

(1) New energy. Comprehensively consider factors such as natural resources, industrial foundation, talent technology, environmental capacity, production safety, and other new energy development in Tongshan; develop wind power in areas that meet development conditions, and build biomass and cogeneration; Mountain, Chongyang and other places develop hydropower.

(2) New materials. With Xianning High-tech Zone and industrial parks in counties (cities, districts) as the carrier, create an industrialization platform for Xianning to undertake Wuhan's new materials research results, and actively connect Wuhan related institutions, new materials engineering (or technology) research centers, engineering laboratories, and Enterprise technology center and other innovation platforms. Through technology penetration, create new materials engineering research centers, engineering laboratories and enterprise technology centers, break through key common technologies, organize and implement a number of major scientific and technological special projects, promote the rapid transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, and encourage the new materials industry to become high-end extend.

4. Key enterprises.

CGN Group (Xianning Nuclear Power), CGN New Energy Hubei Branch (Photovoltaic Power Generation), China Hydropower Consulting Group (Wind Energy Development), China Shipbuilding (Wind Energy Development), Zhejiang Yunda Wind Power Co., Ltd. (Wind Energy Development), Optics Valley Blue Flame (Tongshan) New Energy Co., Ltd. (Biomass Pyrolysis and Cogeneration), Xianning Qingyuan Company (Biomass Gasification Cogeneration), Xianning Vein Industrial Park (Household Waste Incineration Power Generation), China Gas Holdings Limited Company (Nansan County Natural Gas, Gasification Township), Wuhan Himalaya Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. (Fuel Cell), Shenzhen Suoyang New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (New Material Production Base), China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation Haizhuang Wind Power Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd. (Xianning 2-3MW wind power main unit and parts production base construction), Jinshenglan, Haiwei Composite Materials, Huaning Anticorrosion, Ping An Electrician, CSG, Chongyang Vanadium Enterprise, etc.

(B) Electronic information.

1. Ideas and goals.

Focusing on key industrial chains such as the Internet of Things, big data, and cloud computing, we will work to consolidate the foundation of the electronic information industry, develop large-scale hardware, basic electronics, and optoelectronics related to the Internet of Things, innovatively develop integrated circuits, digital communications, and so on, and build a central China electronic information base material base. He Optoelectronics Information Industry Base. By 2022, the main business income will reach more than 50 billion yuan.

2. Development direction.

(1) Basic electronic module. Focus on the development of the camera module, display module, acoustic components and other links as the backbone, supported by battery modules, touch modules, new printed circuit boards and copper clad laminate materials, supported by RF modules, complete machine assembly, and terminals The system-oriented consumer electronics industry chain has finally formed a consumer electronics and supporting industry cluster featuring new electronic components and materials.

(2) New display. Focus on the development of laser TVs, portable projectors, theater-level projectors, micro-projectors, electronic touch screens, military-use laser displays and other ancillary equipment; focus on Wuhan LTPS, OLED, flexible display, foldable panels and other fields to increase investment efforts and strive for Achieve breakthroughs in the display field.

(3) Intelligent terminal. Develop a new generation of mobile smart terminal products, wearable terminal products, and smart terminal products in areas such as smart education, smart transportation, smart voice, smart security, and smart home. Expand product forms and related application services, focus on improving the end product industry chain, and strengthen the coordinated development of complete machine companies and chip, device, and software companies.

(4) IoT-related hardware: Focus on the development of magnetic electronic chips, low-frequency and high-frequency RFID (electronic tags), fiber grating sensors, electronic photoelectric transformers, magnetic sensors, two-dimensional barcodes, and SPON (sensing passive optical networks) Equipment such as sensing equipment, transmission equipment and processing equipment. Vigorously carry out the promotion and application of the Internet of Things in smart grids, smart transportation, and smart logistics.

3. Key layout.

Relying on Xianning High-tech Zone, Tongcheng and other places, the construction of domestic first-class optical communication technology research and development bases, new display bases, fiber optic cable production bases, national network security personnel and innovation bases, etc., will stimulate the surrounding areas.

4. Key enterprises.

Optics Valley South Science and Technology City, Tongtong Electronics, Sanyingxing Electronics, Vitali Electronics, Lite-On Technology, Hubei Xianning Hangxing Optoelectronics Integrated High-tech Park, etc.

(3) Automobiles and spare parts.

1. Ideas and goals.

Give full play to the advantages of the automobile and parts industry, strengthen collaborative innovation, strengthen the integration of the two industries, and lead the transformation and upgrading of the automobile industry. By 2022, the main business income will reach 50 billion yuan.

2. Development direction.

(1) Automobiles and parts. Efforts will be made to introduce high-end vehicle production technologies, accelerate the development of new energy vehicles, and increase market share. Promote the development and application of key technologies such as powertrains, advanced automotive electronics, lightweight materials, and modular development. Support the differentiated development of special-purpose automobile enterprises, increase varieties, improve quality, and build brands.

(2) New energy vehicles. Relying on major new energy vehicle projects, increase research and development and innovation, focus on breaking through the core technology bottlenecks of new energy vehicles such as “big three power plants” and “small three power plants”, and promote research and application of new energy vehicle lightweight technologies. Accelerate the development and promotion of high-power fast charging equipment. Actively promote the large-scale development of plug-in hybrid vehicles, pure electric vehicles, and fuel cell vehicles.

3. Key layout.

Relying on the existing automobile industry and new energy automobile industry bases, the automobile and component industries are deployed in Xianning High-tech Zone, Xian'an, Jiayu, Chibi, Chongyang and other places, and new energy vehicles, Intelligent networked cars have developed special vehicles in Xianning High-tech Zone, Xian'an and other places.

4. Key enterprises.

Tri-ring steering, Beichen turning system, Huazhou, Jiayu Yuhua, Chibi Tianrui, Xingmin Steel Ring, Hongsheng Mould, Hubei Hengyi, Hejia New Energy, Himalayan (hydrogen fuel cell), etc.

(4) Medicine and health.

1. Ideas and goals.

Relying on Xianning High-tech Zone, Xian'an, Tongcheng and other bio-industrial bases, the Group will focus on breaking through a group of biotechnology with independent intellectual property rights, enlarge and strengthen a number of leading enterprises and key products, and enhance the influence of the bio-industry. Operating income reached more than 30 billion yuan. Vigorously promote the infrastructure construction of the health care industry, promote the in-depth integration of health and old-age care, tourism, culture, fitness, food, etc., continue to spawn new health industries, new formats and new models, realize the supply of diversified health care services, and actively create a national health care In the experimental farming zone, by 2022, the main business income will reach more than 50 billion yuan.

2. Development direction.

(1) Biopharmaceuticals. Accelerate the development of industries such as biopharmaceuticals and vaccines, chemical innovative drugs, modern Chinese medicine, new medicine R & D and service outsourcing; actively connect with the Wuhan National Bio-industrial Base, and through the implementation of major special projects, create modern Chinese medicine, plant medicines, new medical devices, bio-manufacturing, etc. Characteristic industry clusters.

(2) Biological agriculture. Focus on the development of biological breeding, agricultural gene technology, biological veterinary drugs and vaccines, biological pesticides, biological fertilizers, biological feeds, etc .; promote the application of microbial functional gene selection technology, biosynthetic gene technology, nano-medicine technology and application innovation, and develop green pesticides, biological veterinary drugs, etc. product.

(3) Biomedical engineering. Develop high-performance medical devices and equipment that meet the needs of personalized treatment and remote diagnosis and treatment, drive the industrialization of new biomedical materials, and accelerate the development and industrialization of in vitro diagnostics and reagents for rapid on-site detection.

(4) High-performance medical equipment. Breakthrough development of digital, networked and intelligent high-performance medical equipment to create distinctive brands. Give full play to the technological advantages of key enterprises in the fields of laser, imaging, and automation control, and focus on creating high-end imaging and laser specialty medical device products.

(5) Health industry. Establish a health service system with a trinity of scientific fitness, health consultation and medical services, promote qualified medical institutions to open scientific fitness clinics, promote "exercise prescriptions", and play a positive role of physical exercise in disease prevention and health promotion. Promote the integration and innovation of information technology and health services, build a big data platform for health care, accelerate the innovation of "Internet +" medical models such as mobile medicine and telemedicine, develop personalized health management services such as smart prevention, rehabilitation, health consultation, and remote health Management, mobile fitness and other mobile health services. Accelerate the development of a comprehensive telemedicine service platform, terminal equipment and personal wearable medical equipment, and develop products such as digital medical systems and health rehabilitation.

(6) Medical and nursing integration. Strengthen the construction of geriatrics departments in general hospitals above the second level, and do a good job in the prevention and rehabilitation of chronic diseases of the elderly; actively support the transformation of grass-roots medical institutions into elderly care hospitals and elderly rehabilitation hospitals; support social forces to organize elderly care hospitals, elderly rehabilitation hospitals and provide hospice care Medical institutions served. Actively explore new models of cooperation between medical institutions and old-age institutions, accelerate the trial of telemedicine services for old-age institutions, and introduce long-term care insurance policies.

(7) Cultural and sports tourism. Innovate institutional mechanisms, broaden financing channels, and accelerate the construction of related infrastructure such as culture, sports, and tourism. Develop diversified and multi-level health products, and provide multi-dimensional and diversified services such as media, performing arts, sports events, fitness services, and leisure travel to meet the needs of the people for a better life.

(8) Healthy food. Focus on the development of high-end dairy, high-quality protein and vitamins, and traditional Chinese medicine health drinks industries represented by formula milk powder; expand the tea deep processing industry chain, develop health tea, medicinal tea, etc. Establish research and development and production bases of health food; vigorously introduce leading domestic and foreign snack food companies to set up research and development and production bases, and focus on the development of snack foods such as biscuits, puffed foods, and confectionery. Relying on Red Bull, Amway, and Weili Ke, etc. in salty bases, actively explore the transformation of the beverage industry, increase the investment efforts of leading companies in the international beverage industry, support the expansion and strength of salty beverage production enterprises, and build world-class beverage production. base.

3. Key layout.

(1) Relying on the Xianning High-tech Zone and counties (cities, districts) biological industry, actively develop the entire biological industry chain, and arrange biopharmaceuticals, biomedical engineering, high-performance medical equipment, etc. in Xianning High-tech Zone; develop in Xianan and Tongcheng Bio-pharmaceuticals, precision diagnosis and treatment, etc .; other counties and cities where conditions permit, develop bio-pharmaceuticals, bio-agriculture, etc.

(2) Comprehensively consider factors such as natural endowment, talent technology, industrial foundation, and traffic conditions to build a large health service network system and healthy food production system supported by counties (cities, districts); encourage Zishan Lake and Mufu Mountain Area, etc. A number of well-being tourism demonstration towns and sports and leisure special towns will be established in areas with good natural and ecological endowments, and support will be given to the conditional townships (towns) to build a number of unique well-being bases for hot springs, mountain climbing, food therapy, pensions, etc .; support tourism along the Yangtze River Upgrading and upgrading the scenic spot will focus on building the Yangtze River Golden Cultural Tourism Belt and accelerating the construction of park cities in the Yangtze River Basin.

4. Key enterprises.

Furen Pharmaceutical, Steady Medical, Zhongjian Medical, Baoshikang Pharmaceutical, Houfu Medical, Luxue Bio, Xinhe Bio, Zhenao Honeysuckle Pharmaceutical, Jianxiang Bio, Jiuling Biotechnology, Zishan Lake Health City, Kangmei Town, Huaxia Happiness Industry New City, Red Bull Beverage, Origen Beverage, Amway XS Sports Beverage, Weili Ke Beverage, Jinmailang Beverage, etc.

(5) Intelligent manufacturing.

1. Ideas and goals.

Rolling implementation of the “Ten Thousand Enterprise Technology Reform Project” will promote the advancement of Xianning manufacturing to give full play to the technological and industrial advantages of equipment manufacturing, focusing on the fields of optoelectronics, intelligent electromechanics, robots, intelligent equipment, and emergency equipment, and building advanced province-wide Intelligent manufacturing industry center. Promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing, and build a number of digital workshops and intelligent factories. By 2022, the main business income will reach more than 50 billion yuan.

2. Development direction.

(1) Photoelectric. Develop LED epitaxial wafers, chips, packages, semiconductor lighting appliances, and OLED optoelectronic material production lines, improve industrial chain support, and establish a photovoltaic industry base.

(2) Intelligent electromechanical. Focus on the development of high-efficiency energy-saving electromechanical equipment, intelligent electromechanical equipment and its key components, enlarge and strengthen water conservancy and hydropower intelligent generator sets, develop complete sets of intelligent energy-saving electromechanical equipment in high energy consumption areas; focus on the development of variable frequency motors, servo motors, reducers and Key components of intelligent equipment such as industrial control systems, accelerate the development of precision grinding equipment and CNC machine tools; supporting the development of intelligent mechanical and electrical equipment for engineering machinery, and the orderly development of specialized intelligent equipment in the fields of electronic information, packaging, printing, and textiles.

(3) Intelligent equipment. Focus on the development of precision, high-speed, high-efficiency, flexible CNC special machine tools, etc., supporting the development of new industrial sensors, intelligent industrial control systems and other key components.

(4) Emergency equipment. Emphasize the development of military equipment such as emergency boat bridges, emergency mechanized bridges, and emergency railway platforms; military and civilian dual-use equipment such as emergency wharves, emergency steel truss bridges, and railway emergency repair steel beams; as well as helicopter emergency aprons, airport emergency runways, and assembly Engineering equipment such as emergency parking garages. Development of various automatic tracking and positioning jets and other fire-fighting equipment and various hot aerosol fire-fighting equipment.

3. Key layout.

With Xianning High-tech Zone as the core zone, the focus is on the development of laser, artificial intelligence, robotics and other industries; Chibi, Jiayu, Tongcheng, and Chongyang are the development zones, focusing on the development of intelligent equipment such as high-end CNC machine tools.

4. Key enterprises.

Huazhou Heavy Industry, Sanyingxing, Haiwei Composites, Tongfa Electromechanical, a beam of laser, Huasheng Electromechanical, Huabo Sunshine, Zhiyan Automation Equipment, Sanliu Heavy Industry, Sanhe Electromechanical, etc.

(6) Integrated circuits.

1. Ideas and goals.

Relying on the National Memory Base in Wuhan, it will focus on the development of optical communication chips, and strive to form a relatively complete integrated circuit industry chain with chip manufacturing as the core and packaging and testing and materials as supporting facilities. Strive to achieve 2022, the city's main integrated circuit revenues to reach more than 10 billion yuan.

2. Development direction.

(1) Chip manufacturing. Focus on promoting the upgrading and upgrading of existing optical communication chip production lines, capacity expansion and scale development, taking into account the construction of other special semiconductor process production lines, and improving the service capabilities of advanced manufacturing processes for integrated circuit design.

(2) Packaging testing and materials industry. Accelerate the introduction and construction of chip packaging, testing and other production lines, accelerate the development of integrated circuit supporting materials such as silicon wafers, packaging adhesives, and strengthen the research and development and industrialization of key materials such as lead frames and alloy bonding wires.

3. Key layout.

Taking Xianning High-tech Zone as the core development zone, the construction of Hangxing Optoelectronics Integrated High-tech Park will focus on the layout of optical communication chips, automotive components and supporting industries.

4. Key enterprises.

Hubei Xianning Hangxing Optoelectronics Integrated High-tech Park, Optics Valley South Science and Technology City, etc.

Implementation measures

(1) Formulate the implementation plan. Relevant departments directly under the municipality shall formulate special industrial policies in accordance with the special development plans of provincial key industries. All localities should formulate local implementation plans based on special planning, in accordance with key areas and spatial layouts, development goals, and major tasks. All localities and departments should formulate annual action plans around specific plans and local implementation plans, refine the division of work, clarify the implementation timetable and roadmap, and implement the target tasks year by year. (The Municipal Development and Reform Commission is responsible for integrated circuits, automobiles, new energy, etc., the Municipal Economic and Information Bureau is responsible for electronic information, intelligent manufacturing, food and beverage, etc., the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau is responsible for digital, new materials, and other tasks, and the Municipal Agriculture and Rural Bureau is responsible for agricultural products. Processing and other aspects of work, the municipal health and health committee is responsible for health, medical care and other aspects of work, and the Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau is responsible for tourism, cultural and creative aspects.)

(2) Building an innovation platform. Create an upgraded version of mass entrepreneurship and innovation and further optimize the ecological environment for innovation and entrepreneurship. Efforts will be made to promote the construction of a "double innovation" base, and build a "double innovation" service platform with all elements and the integration of resources in the innovation chain. Encourage and support large enterprises with conditions to develop "double innovation" platforms, and vigorously promote the construction of provincial "double innovation" demonstration platforms (enterprises). Support the Xianning High-tech Zone to accelerate development and promote multi-level innovation demonstrations in counties (cities, districts). Vigorously implement the Xianning City's technological innovation project, actively support the construction of industrial enterprises' R & D institutions, and strive to build 30 provincial-level and above enterprise technology centers by 2022, and about 30% of industrial enterprises should establish R & D institutions. Efforts will be made to build a platform for scientific and technological innovation, accelerate the construction of universities and research institutes, and form 10 scientific research centers with distinctive characteristics. Strengthen the construction of the industrial innovation system, and coordinate the construction of a number of engineering research centers, technological innovation centers, manufacturing innovation centers, and industrial innovation centers and other high-level innovation platforms. Established 10 industrial innovation centers in the fields of communication chips, smart cars, and intelligent manufacturing, and built 50 innovation platforms above the municipal level. We will implement a high-tech enterprise cultivation and doubling plan and a technology-type SME cultivation project, and strive to reach 300 high-tech enterprises in the city, and cultivate 100 provincial and municipal invisible champion demonstration enterprises and science and technology giant enterprises. Promote the Top 100 Innovative Enterprises Project and cultivate a group of innovative leading enterprises with strong ability to transform scientific and technological achievements. Support key leading enterprises to lead the construction of industrial technology innovation strategic alliances and industrial common technology R & D bases. (Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Municipal Education Bureau, Municipal Civil-Military Integration Office, Xianning High-tech Zone and the counties, cities, and districts' people's governments. The first unit is the lead unit, the same applies below)

(3) Build an industrial cluster. Focus on creating a number of emerging industrial clusters in key industries. Strengthen the existing advantageous industrial clusters such as the intelligent mechanical and electrical industry cluster, the electronic information industry cluster, and the military-civilian integration industrial cluster. Strengthen the supporting and extension of the industrial chain, implement targeted "replenishment of chain" investment, and plan to build and complete 5 key industrial chains with complete chains, high levels and strong competitiveness. Speed up the construction of characteristic emerging industrial parks. Accelerate the development of a group of industry leaders with leading R & D levels, strong visibility, well-known brands, and high sales revenue. Carry out special actions for small and micro enterprises to list large-scale and growing enterprises, and train a large number of “specialized and special new” high-growth SME echelons. (City Economic and Information Bureau, Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau, Municipal Health and Health Commission, Municipal Party Civil-Military Integration Office, Municipal Investment Promotion and Investment Promotion Bureau, Xianning High-tech Zone, and counties, cities, and districts' people's governments)

(4) Strengthen financial support. Actively cooperate with the Provincial Yangtze River Industry Fund and the Provincial High Investment Corporation to set up an industrial development fund to support the development of key industries. Actively develop science and technology finance and green finance, and promote full-cycle financial services. Accelerate the construction of the city's guarantee system and give full play to the role of guarantees as "stabilizer" and "amplifier". The Xianning Green Rise Loan Guarantee Fund will be integrated and established, and the city's green industry key project library will be supported to support key industrial projects with strong innovation, good growth and high technological content. Implement the doubling plan for listed companies, and strive to achieve the number of listed companies at home and abroad to reach 3 by 2020. The financial institutions undertaking business guarantee loans will implement the discount policy on business guarantee loans, and reward new establishment and introduction of financial institutions, listing of companies (listing), and major innovations in financial services. When the financial department chooses to determine the deposit of special funds for banks, the contribution of financial institutions to support the development of innovative enterprises should be taken as an important assessment indicator to encourage and guide financial institutions to increase credit to innovative enterprises. (The Municipal Bureau of Local Financial Work, the Municipal Bureau of Economics and Information Technology, the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, the Municipal Finance Bureau, the Municipal SASAC, the Municipal People's Bank, the Xianning Banking Regulatory Branch, the Xianning High-tech Zone, and the counties, cities, and district people's governments)

(5) Cultivate advantageous brands. Improve the brand cultivation, evaluation, and support mechanisms, and actively innovate to cultivate a number of emerging brands. Strengthen brand promotion, consolidate and upgrade a number of advantageous brands, activate and revitalize a number of established brands, and actively create hundreds of billions of famous brands and enterprises. Improve and implement the policy of encouraging the creation of brand-name products, and further increase the cultivation of well-known trademarks, geographical indications, industry standards, and famous and distinctive products. (Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Xianning High-tech Zone and the counties, cities, and districts' people's governments)

(6) Training talent team. Vigorously implement the strategy of strengthening the city by talents, implement the South Hubei Talent Program, further promote the "I choose Hubei · I am in Xianning" program, and attract more college students to come to Xian for internship training, employment and entrepreneurship, and focus on the formulation of enterprise talent support plans, "Xianning Craftsmen "Cultivation plan and other new talent policies, improve the" recruitment and recruitment "policy treatment, reduce the brain drain rate, support the Xianning High-tech Zone to set up a talent reform pilot zone, and actively explore the" flexible talent "and" foreign talent "models to accelerate Build regional talent highlands. It guarantees the autonomy of users in universities and research institutes, empowers teachers, doctors, and scientific research personnel to have greater mobility autonomy, and opens up a two-way flow of innovative talents in enterprises and institutions. Deepen the cooperative education mechanism between schools, enterprises and schools, encourage enterprises to establish practical bases in universities and research institutes, and guide industries, enterprises and employers to participate in the training of talents in universities. We will improve the income distribution policy for scientific research personnel, and give innovation leaders more control over human resources, property, and technology. Establish incentive mechanisms for innovative talents such as stock rights, options, and dividends, and increase the share of scientific research personnel's achievements in conversion. (Personnel Office of the Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Municipal Bureau of Economics and Information Technology, Municipal Education Bureau, Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Municipal Public Security Bureau, Municipal Finance Bureau, Municipal Human Resources and Social Affairs Bureau, Municipal Health and Health Commission, Xianning High-tech District, and people in counties, cities, and districts government)

(7) Promote major projects. Give full play to the support and leading role of major industrial projects, and build a city-wide major industrial project reserve and construction library of more than 500 billion yuan. The total amount of investment in major industrial projects reserved each year must reach more than twice the total investment actually completed in the previous year, and the projects that can be approved and started in the year should not be less than 30% of the number of reserves. Carry out regular, directional, and fixed-item scheduling, and coordinate the advancement of project construction. Establish a "green channel" mechanism for projects in the warehouse, and relevant departments will give priority support in project approval, construction land, project financing, service guarantee, etc., and prioritize planning for land and corridors for infrastructure construction such as supporting hydropower and new economic projects. Establish a working mechanism for city and county leaders to promote major projects, implement a "five one" guarantee mechanism for one project, one leader, one department responsible, one special class service, and one project secretary, and strive to start major new projects. No less than 200 industrial projects. (Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Municipal Investment Promotion and Investment Promotion Bureau, Municipal Civil-Military Integration Office, Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau, Municipal Health and Health Commission, Xianning High-tech Zone and the counties, cities, and districts' people's governments)

(8) Improve infrastructure. Proactively integrate into the "Belt and Road" construction, connect with the construction of China (Hubei) Pilot Free Trade Zone, promote the establishment of bonded logistics centers, and accelerate the liberalization and facilitation of investment and trade. Continue to expand cooperation with cities along the Yangtze River Economic Belt, accelerate the construction of projects such as Xianning Airport, Wuhan via Xianning to Nanchang High Speed Rail, Xianning to Pingjiang High Speed Rail, Xianning Railway Freight Yard Removal, Port Railroad Project, Xianning Port Area, etc. Continue to reduce the overall logistics cost and vigorously improve the level of industrial logistics security. Support Chibi, Chongyang, Tongshan and neighboring areas to strengthen cooperation in infrastructure, market construction, public services, etc., support Tongcheng in the construction of an inland demonstration zone for import trade innovation, and accelerate the promotion of the “Tongpingxiu” subregional cooperation demonstration zone Construction. Efforts to improve urban and rural communication network facilities, accelerate the construction of industrial Internet logo analysis, national next-generation nodes, Beidou base stations, 5G-scale networking, backbone optical fiber networks, quantum confidential communication backbone networks, and metropolitan area networks and other new-generation information network facilities, and continue to improve the industrial information base Facility level. Accelerate the full coverage of national quality infrastructure such as public metrology, standards, certifications, and inspections in key industries. Explore the construction of application demonstration scenarios such as autonomous driving, drone / unmanned ship test grounds, digital factories, smart communities, urban brains, and smart home showrooms. (Bureau of Transportation, Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Municipal Bureau of Economics and Information Technology, Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Municipal Bureau of Market Supervision, Municipal Urban Development Group, Xianning High-tech Zone and the counties, cities, and districts' people's governments)

(9) Create a think tank alliance. Establish a municipal industry high-quality development think tank to promote the establishment of an industrial technology innovation alliance for each industry. Give full play to the advantages of think tanks, in-depth study of strategic, forward-looking and hot and difficult issues in industrial development, provide advice for industrial transformation and upgrading and investment structure adjustment, provide guidance for the introduction and development of new technologies, new processes, new products, and new products for enterprises Promotion provides guidance. Give full play to the role of alliances (associations) as bridges, promote the concentration of upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, strengthen division of labor and cooperation, and strengthen industry self-discipline. (As planned)

(10) Pay close attention to coordinated advancement. Establish the city's "one-game chess" idea, break administrative barriers, optimize the industrial layout, and form a regional cooperation and win-win situation, and a departmental coordination and advancement mechanism. Establish a municipal leading group for promoting the high-quality development of key industries with the main leadership of the municipal government as the group leader and the deputy leadership as the deputy group leader. Responsible for studying and deploying the city's industrial planning, project planning, investment promotion, and results For major issues such as transformation, each key industry arranges a city leader to coordinate and advance. The leading group has offices and three working classes. The leading group office, industrial planning and project planning special classes are located in the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the investment promotion special classes are located in the Municipal Investment and Investment Promotion Bureau, and the results transformation special classes are located in the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau. , Other relevant departments assigned special personnel to work in special classes. Each county (city, district) establishes corresponding organizations and special working classes. Industry development promotion meetings are held every quarter to increase coordination between various departments and departments in a timely manner to find and solve problems encountered in industrial development in a timely manner. Accelerate the formulation and improvement of the index system, statistical system, performance evaluation and evaluation system that are suitable for the high-quality development of the industry, and include the promotion of high-quality industrial development as a key monitoring item of the municipal government. Regularly organize evaluations, strengthen assessment accountability, and ensure various measures. Landing works. (Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Municipal Statistics Bureau, Municipal Investment Promotion and Investment Promotion Bureau, Xianning High-tech Zone and the counties, cities, and districts' people's governments)

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