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about us

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The Xianning Municipal People's Government Portal ( is a comprehensive portal hosted by the Xianning Municipal People's Government and hosted by the Xianning Daily News Agency. It is the Xianning Municipal People's Government publishing information and providing online services on the Internet. The general platform is the general window for Xianning to communicate and communicate with the public.

Under the great attention of the municipal party committee and government leaders, the website serves as a window and bridge for the government to connect with the people. Introduce more columns, continuously improve the quality of government affairs information, continue to provide convenience services measures, and further expand and improve various online functions.

The revised website of the Xianning Municipal Government further strengthens the role of “information disclosure, online services and public participation”, highlights the central work of the municipal government and municipal government departments, strengthens communication and coordination between the municipal government and the masses, and reflects the government ’s “transparency” The overall image of "service, democracy," and "service-oriented government" sincerely provide quality services to netizens who care about Xianning's development.

Welcome to the website of Xianning Municipal Government:

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